Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter Wonderland aka MILWAUKEE

Hello Panthers!

I recently went to see the Lion King at the Milwaukee Theatre and I thought to myself I should inform the rest of the residents of UW Milwaukee of the awesome time they could have at the Milwaukee Theatre!

The Lion King is a classic! My seat was on the balcony far from the stage but that did not affect my experience at all! The play was the highlight of my week and a great way to get my mind off of my never ending work pile. Here are a few shows that are coming up at the Milwaukee Theatre, grab a few friends and take the 30 bus downtown!

The Lion King is playing in Milwaukee until December 7!

Upcoming shows include:

Dancing Pros in January 2015
More information at Milwaukee Theatre!

Other things to do around this time of year around Milwaukee!

Attend the Holiday Lights Festival in Downtown Milwaukee from November 20-December 28!
Take a Jingle Bus tour of the historic landmarks in the area or have some hot cocoa with the Clauses and take in the majestic winter scene! There are all sorts of fun tours and treats taking place in the next month, take a peak at Sugar and Spice and Everything Lights!

This is definitely MY favorite time of year and I can't wait to enjoy it in the wonderful city that we live in. Don't let the cold get you down, grab a few friends and bundle up and head downtown for some winter fun!

Happy Holidays!,
Katie McNamara
Student Outreach Assistant

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day - November 4, 2014

So, you’re a UWM Student who wants to vote.

First, #awesome.

Second, if this is the first election you are voting in, we have some tips for you regarding polling places and registering to vote. (actually, these are good tips for anyone, even if you have voted in previous elections).

How to Register?
You may register and vote at your voting site on any Election Day.

Establishing & Proving Residency

Establishing Residency
To be register to vote with your UW-Milwaukee address, you need to have lived at that address for at least 28 days prior to the election. If you have moved within the 28 days prior to the election, you would still be eligible to vote (possibly via absentee ballot) at your old address.

Proving Residency
To prove your residence, you will need to provide some documentation, the rules for which are below (taken from City of Milwaukee Election Commission website):

“2013 Wisconsin Act 182 went into effect on April 4, 2014. Act 182 requires that ALL voters provide a document establishing their proof of residence as part of the voter registration application. The requirement applies to all electors who are not military or permanent absentee voters.  Any document used as a proof of residence MUST include:

  • Your current and complete name
  • Your current and complete residential address
  • A visible account or document number (if applicable)

AND must be from one of the following proof of residence document types: 
  • A current and valid Wisconsin driver’s license.
  • A current and valid Wisconsin identification card.
  • Any other official identification card or license issued by a Wisconsin governmental body or unit.
  • Any identification card issued by an employer in the normal course of business and bearing a photo of the card holder, but not including a business card.
  • A real estate tax bill or receipt for the current year or the year preceding the date of the election.
  • A gas, electric or telephone service statement (utility bill) for the period commencing not earlier than 90 days before Election Day.
  • Bank statement.
  • Paycheck.
  • A check or other document or official correspondence issued by a unit of government (this includes official mail from a public high school or state college or university, such as MPS or UW-Milwaukee).
  • A university, college, or technical college identification card (must include photo) ONLY if the voter provides a fee receipt dated within the last 9 months or the institution provides a certified housing list to the municipal clerk.
  • A residential lease which is effective for a period that includes Election Day (cannot be used when registering by mail)
**Please note: you are able to redact (black out) private information such as account balances or transactions on your proof of residence document. However, the last four (4) digits of your account number (if applicable), name and address must remain visible.”

As a UWM Student – you have access to print a document (see: Student Voter Enrollment Letter) via PAWS that will print your current address to allow you to establish residency.

Student Voter Enrollment Letter: This letter can be printed off PAWS on a self-service basis, starting on October 1.  The link to generate the letter appears in Personal Information section on the PAWS Student Center.  Instructions are provided through the self-service process that informs students on how to update their mailing address in PAWS, which prints on the enrollment letter and must reflect the student's local address based on their voting location.  

Students who do not have proof of their current local address can provide the student voter enrollment letter or another acceptable proof of residency document (e.g., utility bill, paycheck, bank statement, etc.) with their current name and address to register to vote, if they are not already registered to vote.

More information on proof of residency for voter registration is also available via the GAB at .

Where to Vote?
For the purposes of this section, we’ll focus our attention on University Housing residents. Are you a UWM student who commutes or lives off-campus? Check out to see where you should vote.

Cambridge     Ward 136      Urban Ecology Center
                                                1500 E. Park Place

Kenilworth     Ward 180      Maryland Avenue School
                                                2418 N. Maryland Ave.

Purin              Ward 131      Plymouth Church                 
                                                2717 E. Hampshire Ave.

RiverView       Ward 137      Gordon Park Pavilion
                                                1321 E. Locust St.

Sandburg       Ward 130      Sandburg Green Room        
                                                3400 N. Maryland Ave.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Falling into fun: UW- Milwaukee Style!

Hello fellow Panthers!,

I don't know about you but fall is definitely my favorite time of the year! The leaves are falling, the cider is cooking, the pumpkins are ready to be picked! Many of you are probably looking for some fun fall activities to do in Milwaukee this fall, Look no further! I have made a list of twenty super fun activities for you to do right here in Milwaukee! Pull out those Upasses and go on an adventure with your new friends!

Places to visit:

1. The Milwaukee County Zoo has multiple free entry days coming up: November 1 and December 6
Otherwise tickets are about $9.00.

2. Milwaukee Art Museum has free admission on the first Thursday of every month, otherwise admission is only $12 with your student ID!

3. The Domes, 524 S. Layton Blvd $7 for admission. Weather not a problem, take a walk through these indoor gardens!

4. Check out this list of haunted sites all around the city! Use that UPass and get to know the city in a fun way!

5. Check out how the residents of BayView carve their pumpkins at this unique fall festival on October 17 and 18! Pull out the costume and enjoy bands and a hayride! More info at: Located at Humboldt Park.

Food to try:

1. The Milwaukee Public Market is always a fun place to visit and get many fresh treats including cheese curds, chocolate, and many other yummy dishes. On October 19th they will be having a Harvest Festival featuring many Fall-centric activities and snacks!

2. Try out your spy skills at the Safe House, I'll give you the address but no more.... 779 N. Front St, Milwaukee

3. The Dogg Haus: In the mood for a cheaper snack with your friends? Check out the Dogg Haus for their Delicious variety of hot dogs! I personally recommend the Rome dog! It is also located right on N. Downer across from Mitchell and Curtin Halls!

4. Beans and Barley Market and Cafe 1901 E North Ave Milwaukee, Wi. This diner is located right down the street from our RiverView and Cambridge Residence Halls.

5. In the mood for a burger and fries? Try AJ Bombers, 1247 N Water Street, Enjoy some peanuts while you wait for a great burger and delicious fries!


1. Visit the #1 Haunted House in Milwaukee, Mars Haunted House! Admission per adult is $13 but if a group of 15+ go it is only $11 per person!

2. SHOPPING! Hit up Bayshore and buy some new jeans and sweaters before the chilly weather comes by!

3. Carve a pumpkin!

4. Try out the kitchen at the base of South Tower in Sandburg, on the second floor of RiverView or on any floor of Cambridge with a fun fall recipe! Simple Fall Desserts! Be sure to check out the kitchen keys from your service desk and leave the kitchens as clean as you found them!

5. Looking for that perfect costume? Check out this list of costume shops throughout Milwaukee!

Movies to watch:

1. Scariest Movies of 2014

2. Dates & Times of Disney's Classic Halloween Movies 2014

3. 31 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

4.15 Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies

5. RedBox Movie Selection List

Well Guys, I know what I'll be doing the rest of the month! If you have any other recommendations of fun things to do around town, comment below!

Happy Fall!!,

Katie McNamara
Outreach Assistant

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

University Housing featured in Journal-Sentinel!!!

Hello Panthers!

We would just like to take a moment to thank the Journal-Sentinel staff for coming out to visit our residence halls! Please take a moment to read their story, Full UW-Milwaukee residence halls reflect new focus on campus life.  Take a look at the photo gallery as well, you might recognize some of your fellow Panthers!

Have a wonderful day,


Friday, September 26, 2014

Laundry, Meal Plans, and Money, Oh my!

Hello Panthers!  Do you ever wonder how much money is left on your Meal Plan or Gold Account? I do. Budgeting is an important part of being a college student. Today I will give you some information about how to check the balances as well as how to put money on these accounts.

There is a simple way to check the balances of both your meal plan and your Gold Account at At this website you will use your UWM Email and Password to log onto your account. Once you have logged in there are categories that display the balance of your Gold account and your Meal Plan. There is also a sidebar where you may add funds to either your Meal Plan or your Gold Account using a credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa). There is an option to save this card on the website for future use. Students can also add cash directly to their Gold Accounts using the Cash Value Machines located in every laundry room.

Your meal plan can be used at any location food selling location on campus, including ReStores and Grind locations. A full list of locations is located on

Laundry is funded through your Gold Account. Laundry is $1.35 per wash and $1.15 per dry. There are laundry rooms located in each residence hall.

Laundry Locations:
Sandburg: Level U of North and East Towers
Cambridge Commons: First Floor across from the mailboxes and next to the fitness room
RiverView: Floor Two down the hall from the cafeteria
Kenilworth: Floor Two, East End, Behind the elevators

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your UWM Student ID accesses both your Meal Plan and your Gold Account. Think of it as using one card for both a Debit and a Credit account at a bank. One card with two accounts.

If a parent would like to add money to their residents account they can do so by clicking on the 'Family and Friends' link at They will be asked for the students ID number (located on their Student ID Card) and the last name of the student. Then they will enter their credit card information and confirm their transaction. The process is broken down into 4 easy steps!

As always, if you have any questions regarding this post, or University Housing, please contact me at

Have a great day!,

Katie McNamara
Outreach Assistant