Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What to do During April Showers

I know what your thinking. April showers bring May flowers. Well, if it is showering (maybe snowing) and you want to do something that doesn't involved getting soaked, (nothing against running around in the rain wearing a swim suit) Peck school of the Arts has lots of free and/or reduced price entertainment for Panthers, by Panthers. There is so much going on this month that there will be a second post half way through of even more things to do as you prepare for finals. I hope to see you all around!

Awesome things to do:

Kenilworth Open Studios
April 18th 11:00 am (Free)

Placing the Golden Spike: Landscapes of the Anthropocene
Now through June (Free)
First Year Program Exhibitions
April 1st through 10th (Free)

Jenni Olson's The Royal Road 
April 4th 7pm (Free)

MKE Unplugged: Woody Mann
April 2nd 7:30pm (Free)
UWM Symphony Orchestra Concert: Concerto Winners
April 3rd 7:30pm (Free)
Leonard Sorkin Institute of Chamber Music Spring Recital
April 7th 7:30pm (Free)
Wind Ensemble Concert
April 10th 7:30pm (Free)
Concert Chorale at Milwaukee Art Museum
April 11th 1:30pm (Free)
Antigoni Goni Classical Guitar Concert
April 14th 7:30pm (Reduced Price)

Love's Labors Lost
April 15th through April 19th (Reduced Price)

I'll see you next time my friends,


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Start Your Break Off with SPRING!

Hard to believe with the snow storm a couple days ago, but spring break is T minus 1 day, 12 hours, 4 minutes, and 34 seconds. (going with the offical start at 12:00 A.M. Saturday March 14th, if your's starts earlier, then it is even less!).

With spring break on the mind, lets take a second and think... We are thinking green grass, birds chirping, going to the beach, and finally being able to go outside with JUST a t-shirt and shorts! Now come back to reality and lets be real. Right now, next week is looking like mid 40s and 50s, so shorts are a possibility, t-shirt...if you are brave. Of course this is assuming that mother nature doesn't throw us a curve ball--which she is notorious for doing.

If you are planning on staying in the beautiful city of Milwaukee over spring break as I am, here are some ideas on things to do depending on the weather of course.

  • Take a run or walk - Milwaukee has Lake Drive, Oak Leaf Trail, Veterans Park, and so many other good places for you to stretch you legs for a bit! 
  • Go to the beach - It is only about a 2 mile trek from the Union to Bradford Beach so you could walk there and then go relax in the sand. On your way back you can always take the bus or shuttle to get back to campus, so why not go and enjoy the outdoors. 
  • Go to the Domes - Especially since there is still a tiny bit of snow on the ground, the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory is a great place to go and see what the warmer weather will bring to Milwaukee, and to other areas around the world. 
  • Catch a game - Several area high schools, clubs and rec leagues are having outdoor competitions you can watch or take part in. In fact, the Brewers are warming up for opening day which is already on April 6th! 
  • Get lost in downtown - All UWM students get a free Milwaukee Transit System Bus Pass. Use it to hop the 30, 30X, Gold Line, or other lines that run down town and explore an area of the city that you aren't familiar with. 
Of course, now that the weather is becoming a bit more bearable, this city has so much to offer! So whether it is when you start during our Spring break or when you get back to the city, make sure to spend some time outside and soak in the city and sun! 

- Tyler & Kenlei

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Returner Self- Assignment!

As February comes to a close, the employees in the Business Administration office in University Housing get our contracts organized and our pens ready because the beginning of March always means RETURNER SELF-ASSIGNMENT.

What is Returner Self-Assignment, you ask? Well, as a fourth year resident in Sandburg Hall, I am all too familiar with this process, so let me explain. Returner Self-Assignment is for the current University Housing residents who plan on returning to the residence halls in the fall. These students can pick where they want to live next year... EXACTLY where they want to live!


Yes! That means you can choose not only your building (Sandburg Traditional, Sandburg East, Purin, Riverview or Cambridge), but you can also sign up with friends to make sure you are placed together or near each other (whoever has the best assigned time can pencil-in their roommates and suitemates names - those roommates and suitemates then have to show up at their assigned times to confirm the request). With this freedom, you can also pick the style of room (triple, double or single) and even pick a room with the view that you want!

If you want to take part in this convenient process, make sure to attend at your scheduled time, which will occur on either the Tuesday March 3 or Wednesday March 4 assignment days in the Sandburg Green Room from 5-9 p.m. Check your mailbox for your individual instructions. If you aren't able to make it, you can have a friend turn in a "proxy card" so they can pick the room for you, or you can go to the Round 2 of Returner Self-Assignment in April.

When you show up to the Green Room there might be a long line, but don't be intimidated because the line usually goes pretty quick. From there you will go up to the table that represents the building you want to live in and pick the room you want to live in next fall. Make sure you go with a few options that you are okay with living in, just in case your specific room is already taken once you get there. However, once you sign your contract, make the prepayment/deposit fee of $100, and pick your room, you are guaranteed the room you reserved come move in during August!

If you are still unsure of whether or not you will be staying in University Housing next year, feel free to reach out to our office here at or 414.229.3158 we are more than happy to answer questions, give tours, and help you weigh the pros and cons of the many options available to you as a continuing student.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's That Time of the Semester Again

Classes have gotten underway, homework has began to pile up, quizzes and tests are on the horizon. That can only mean one thing, it's time for the Map-works spring transitional survey.

The survey is very easy to complete, you should have received an email around February 9th (at least that's when I got my email.) You can also just click this link to complete it now or go to if you like. To complete the survey, all you have to do is log-in with your ePanther ID as a student and press the big checkmark that says: Spring Transition Take Survey.

It took me 10 minutes 52 seconds and 59 tenths of a second to complete the survey (yea, I did time it.) The information collected through this survey helps RAs do their job to help students as well as many other offices on campus. Once completed feel free to look at your report and see what areas are your strengths and which ones could need some attention. A great person to talk to about this would be your RA or your Peer Mentor.

So moral of the story (or post), when you have 10 minutes 52 seconds and 59 tenths of a second, do your RA a solid and take the survey.

Till next time my friends,


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to Get Involved - Mid-Year Edition

We all know the annual Fall Welcome events and rush can inspire a lot of students to get involved in our campus clubs and organizations, student government, and other communities across campus. However, not everyone was able to make it to the academic year kick-off back in September. But that does not mean it is too late to get involved!!

So whether you are a transfer student, first-time student, study abroad visitor, or even an individual who has been here for awhile but has just decided to get involved in some Panther activities, don't worry! The month of February has a lot of different fairs and events to spark your interest and give you the chance to grab an opportunity.

IN THE UNION: As the center of student life, the union is a great place to meet new friends and find out what is going on on campus.

Diversity Career Fair - February 5, 11-2 pm in the Wisconsin Room
Kickstart your professional development right on campus at this event that allows you to mingle and network with area professionals, employers and graduate schools so you can start to figure out post-graduation plans.
**If you are unable to make the career fair you can go to the Career Development Center (Mellencamp 128) for more advising or keep an eye out for their upcoming events throughout the semester.

Winter Involvement Fair - February 11, 11-2 pm in the Union Concourse
Student orgs will be gathering in the concourse to tell you all about their clubs, events, and leadership opportunities on campus and off.
**If you can't make it to this event, feel free to go to the third floor of the union and talk with the friendly staff in the Center for Student Involvement (Union 363).

Exploring Majors Fair - February 23, 10-2 pm in the Union Ballroom
This fair will give you an interactive experience where you can learn about all the different undergraduate and graduate paths UWM offers students, as well as career planning opportunities.
**If this date does not work with your schedule, call your academic advisor and set up an appointment to go in more depth about your future plan.

IN HOUSING: Creating that collegiate community in your residential community can be a great way to get involved

Panther's After Dark - Every Thursday night at 9:27pm
The kick off event this semester is with Mentalist Josh Spano in the Flicks, but other events include cooking classes, karaoke, glow zumba and more. Keep an eye out for these events because they are a great way to meet new people while having fun!

SHAC and Community Council's - Varying times every week
The Student Housing Administrative Council meets every Monday at 7:30pm for it's general body meetings and serve as a forum for all residents to talk about ideas for events and improvement in the halls as a whole. The Community Councils are more specific to your building. Both are great places to not only meet friends and share ideas, but also groups to get leadership experience!

Resident Assistant Events - Varying times throughout the semester
That awesome RA on your floor plans at least one event for you a semester so keep an eye out for posters on your doors and the doors of your friends. We've seen everything from scavenger hunts to mac and cheese days!