Wednesday, December 12, 2018

UWM Winter Break + Things to Do in Milwaukee!

Winter break is fast approaching! Read ahead and we'll tell you about the procedures to follow if you're going home for break, and if you're staying in the city, we'll give you ideas on things to do!

First off, all University Housing buildings will be open for the duration of Winter Break.

If you're going home...

  • We ask that you turn off all lights and unplug all electronics - save electricity!
  • Make sure you lock your doors and windows! Have your blinds drawn.
  • If you want your bathroom cleaned over break, make sure to remove all personal belongings! If not, you can be charged a $25 fee - and no one wants that!
  • If you have control of your heat/thermostat, keep it turned on!
  • Cambridge, Purin, and East - Clean out your refrigerator! 
  • Sandburg North, South, West, and Riverview - Unplug, clean, and defrost your refrigerator. 
For instructions on defrosting a mini-fridge, click here.

If you're staying...

  • Hours for buildings and shuttles during Winter Break are different. Be sure to check and plan ahead! Here's our current list of hours for UWM Campus Partners during Winter Break. 

  • Your service/security desk will be staffed, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask them!
If you're looking for something to do, we've compiled a list of fun events in Milwaukee over the winter!

  • The first Thursday of every month, the Milwaukee Art Museum is free! This is perfect for a snowy day.                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Milwaukee's Red Arrow Park is an outdoor skating rink located downtown! The rink is right next to Starbucks if you need a warm drink after.                                    
  • If you'd rather watch someone else skate, check out a Milwaukee Admirals game. 

#colettemovie is showing #knightley at #downertheatre this week.

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  • If winter isn't your thing, check out the domes at Mitchell Park Conservatory with desert, tropical, and floral climates. Pro tip - you can get in for $5 with your student I.D.!                                                         
  • If you're looking for a different indoor alternative, head to a movie at the Oriental Theatre or the Downer Theatre. Both of these are stunning buildings, and the Downer has a weekday student discount - also, their popcorn is said to be the best in town. For holiday specific performing arts events, check out this link to see some amazing options!

  • Don't forget your classics, such as sledding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing!

Before you go, your RA will hold a meeting, so if you have any questions make sure to let them, or us, know!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

UWM 2018 Fall Welcome!

You've probably noticed the large posters covering your residence hall, and you may be wondering what exactly that's all about. Every year at UWM we kick off the year with Fall Welcome! There are so many amazing - and free - events for you to partake in, that you'll have an amazing time and make a ton of new friends. If you can't decide from all of the super fun options, I'll highlight some of the events below!

Here is a link to the full schedule!

On August 30th, from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., there is an IKEA Trip! Buses will begin loading at the Union at 10:30 a.m.
On September 1st, you can participate in Escape Room in the Third Ward! This event runs from 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Also on September 1st is the Campus Campout! This runs from 7:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. on the Sandburg Lawn! With free s'mores, hammocks, and yard games, there's no way to go wrong! If you have a guitar, feel free to bring it with.

From 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on September 2nd there's free boat tours! It's a perfect time to go out on the water with friends before it gets too cold to. These fill up fast, so make sure to get your spot! Registration starts a half hour before each tour.

To coincide with the IKEA Trip is a Target Trip! This is my personal favorite at Fall Welcome! Buses begin loading at 9:30 p.m. outside of Sandburg on September 2nd. Be sure to go and get discounts and free snacks! This is perfect if you forgot to bring something to college, thought of something else you need, or just want to look around.

On September 3rd, be sure to check out the Brewers game! Transportation is provided and it's free, so be sure to show up in your Brewers or MKE gear!

If sports aren't your thing, also on September 3rd is the trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum! This is one of my personal favorite spots in Milwaukee, and again, it's free! The buses depart from the Union at 1:00 p.m., so make sure to get there at 12:30 or earlier.

On September 7th is the Panther Street Festival! This is as fun as it sounds, with free food (are you noticing a trend?), activities, and more, and is followed by Pantherfest featuring Khalid!

Head to the Milwaukee Zoo on September 8th! Space is limited, so make sure to show up early!

This is only a small list of all the great things we have to offer during Fall Welcome! Make sure to check out the full list, and let us know your favorites!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

UWM Move In Process

Your move-in date is quickly approaching, and you may be having a whirlwind of questions - but don't worry, read ahead and we will clear up as much as possible!

Most likely, your move-in date and time is on August 28th, 29th, or 30th. You can view your assigned move-in date and time by going into your myHousing portal, and viewing your housing assignment. To make the process run as smoothly as possible, we ask that you don't show up more than 15 minutes early, and no more than 45 minutes late.
Image result for uwm move in
Here at UWM, we take safety very seriously - I would like to point out that we do have a GuestPass system. The exception to this system will be when you move in. Your helpers/guests won't need a Guest Pass unless if they are entering the building past 7:00 p.m. If you are interested in pre-registering for a Guest Pass, here is the link!

I know the thought of move in can be very stressful for incoming students and their families, but I promise the process is extremely efficient! There are volunteers there to help you all along the way, directing you on where to go and there for you to ask any questions to.

If you are living in Cambridge Commons, here is a link to more detailed information to that move-in process. If you are living in Sandburg, you can access that information here. Both of these links will provide directions and more!

Below are some insider tips and tricks to help you out with move-in!
    Image result for uwm move in
  1. If possible, pack in things that can stack. We have yellow carts that are available for you to use, then a volunteer will use giant cling wrap to hold it together, thus minimizing the amount of trips you need to take!
  2. If you have not yet ordered a loft but decide you want one once you have moved in, there is a table in the lobby of the building you can visit to request this loft. Otherwise, throughout the year you can request to have a loft given to you or taken away by filling out a work order
  3. Due to our parking garages, trailers and extended pick-up trucks most likely will not fit. Each family is allotted two vehicle spaces in the parking garage - you are not charged for parking during move-in!
  4. If you're worried about forgetting something - don't be! Someone can always bring and/or send any items you may have forgotten. We even have an awesome Target Trip and an IKEA Trip during Fall Welcome, which is another great option if you think of something else you need or want! You may even get a discount. 😉
  5. Have fun! Be excited! You're moving onto college and into your new home!
As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

What to Pack & Measurements

As move in day approaches, you may be trying to make sure you have everything you need! Another prominent question may be what fits - and what doesn't? Below, I'll share a list of what to pack, along with measurements, to hopefully help you get ready for college!

What To Bring:

  • Twin XL Sheets and Bedding
  • Clothes Hangers
  • Towels/Washcloths
  • Toiletries/Toilet Paper (You are responsible for bringing your own!)
  • Cleaning Supplies (You're responsible for cleaning the bathroom, too!)
  • Hamper/Clothes Bag/Basket & Laundry Detergent
  • Dishes
  • An Umbrella (Trust me, you'll use it!)
  • Room Decorations (It's your home for the next 9 months!)

What NOT To Bring:
  • Microwave (Microwaves are only allowed in Cambridge Commons, and they must be 700 Watts or less!)
  • Toaster/Pizza Oven/Sandwich Maker (These items are only allowed if you are in a suite with a full kitchen, such as a Cambridge Commons Upgrade, and they must stay in the kitchen!)
  • Halogen Lamps/Lamps with Plastic Lampshades (These are a policy violation!)
  • Candles
  • Anything Combustible
  • Pets (Except Fish)
  • Alcohol (If Underage)
  • Illegal drugs
  • Weapons
  • Space Heaters
  • Appliances with Exposed Heating Elements

What You Could Bring, But You Don't Need To:
  • Coaxial Cable (If you're bringing a TV)
  • Throw Rugs
  • Fan
  • Hot Pot
  • Coffee Maker
  • Power Strip/Extension Cords
  • Additional Seating (Bean bag chair, folding chair, etc.)
  • String lights

Cambridge Commons Measurements:

Traditional Towers (North, South, and West) Measurements:

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Wisconsin State Fair

Today, August 2nd, is the kick off to the Wisconsin State Fair! If you're in the Milwaukee area - or don't mind the drive - below, I'll highlight some of the great events you can check out!

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The State Fair has a variety of free stages with entertainment, and with acts from comedians to jugglers, it's a great family-friendly option!

Image result for wisconsin state fair animalsMake sure to check out the Main Stage that has some pretty amazing artists on the line-up - from Alice Cooper to Casting Crowns, and TLC to Foreigner, you're almost guaranteed to find someone you love!

Image result for wisconsin state fair rides
There are more than 30 free stages of entertainment at the Wisconsin State Fair, and the Associated Bank Amphitheater is the Fair's largest free stage, and has some great acts as well - I'll be sure to go see Here Come the Mummies for a second time!

The Fair has a variety of attractions other than music - there's art displays for your inner creative genius, a variety of rides, and the Barnyard if you need your cute animal fix.

Image result for wisconsin state fair foodWhile you're there, make sure to grab some great fair food - there are more than 50 vendors with reduced prices. I'll be sure to stop by and grab some food on a stick, and a cream puff!

For more detailed information on the Wisconsin State Fair, don't hesitate to check out their website, and let us know what you're most excited about!