Friday, June 5, 2015

Interpreting Your Room Assignment!

With the first weekend of June coming soon and room assignments starting to come out I am sure many of you are very excited to find out where you are living and who you are living with.  Of course with all this excitement I want to make sure you know how to decode your room assignments once you get them! Once you log onto your myhousing@uwm account, scroll to the bottom of the screen. Under the “2015-2016 Residence Hall Academic Year Contract“ heading, you should see a blue link with letters and numbers. This blue link is your assignment and if you click on that link, it will bring up a new page with your roommates and suitemates names. The person with the exact same room letter as you is your roommate and those listed with different room numbers are your suitemates.

Room assignments for Sandburg residents would look something like this “N2310A”. The letter N could be replaced with S, W or E just depending on the tower you were assigned to. The first two numbers would tell you what floor in Sandburg your room is on. For “N2310A”, the assigned room would be located on the 23rd floor of north tower. The third and fourth numbers tell you what suite you were assigned. For “N2310A”, the assigned suite is 10 on the 23rd floor of north tower. Finally the letter at the end of your assignment is your assigned room. For “N2310A”, the assigned room is room A in suite 10 on the 23rd floor in North tower. If you were assigned to Sandburg, your room assignment should be similar for all of the towers.

Room assignments for Cambridge Commons residents would look something like “CC232B”. The CC in your room assignment lets you know that you were placed in Cambridge Commons. For “CC232B”, the numbers tell you what suite you are assigned to. These numbers also dictate what floor in Cambridge your room is on. For “CC232B”, your assigned room is on the 2nd floor in suite 232. Finally, the letter at the end of your assignment is your assigned room. For “CC232B”, your assigned room would be B in suite 232 on the 2nd floor of Cambridge Commons.

Room assignments for Riverview residents would look something like “RV308A”. The RV in your room assignments lets you know that you were placed in RiverView. For “RV308A”, the numbers tell you what suite you are assigned to. These numbers also dictate what floor in RiverView your room is on. For “RV308A”, your assigned room is on the 3rd floor in suite 308. Finally, the letter at the end of your assignment is your assigned room. For “RV308A”, your assigned room is the A room in suite 308 on the 3rd floor of RiverView.

After you receive your room assignment, check out furniture measurements here, or recaps of Sandburg, Cambridge and Riverview here!

With many people eager to find out more information about their living space the system tends to get overwhelmed. Please be patient, especially over the first couple of days as the website is used heavily. Remember not everyone will find out their assignment on June 5th, but we will continue to send the assignments out throughout the summer.

If you have signed up to be in a Living Learning Community you will not see any reference to your LLC in MyHousing. However, if you have signed up to be in an LLC and your room number matches with where the LLC is placed below you are most likely in that community.

Hope this helps and if you have any questions about room assignments please call the University Housing office or ask in the comments below!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

University Housing Administrative Assistant Attempts to Become MasterChef

We are extremely proud to announce that our University Housing Administrative Assistant Katrina Kozar is a contestant on the television show MasterChef on FOX 6. Tune in Wednesdays at 7pm to watch Milwaukee's own compete for the grand prize of a cook book deal and $250,000!

Watch Katrina on Fox 6 News as she shares her favorite recipe!

Read her interview with!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What steps do I need to take to loft my bed?

Hello Panthers!!

I know the school year is coming to a close, but it isn't too early to be thinking about next year! A very common question is how do I sign up for a loft?! Well here are the steps you need to take to make sure your loft is ready to go!

1. Go to your @myhousing account at
2. When you are at your home page you should see loft rentals is the last link on the page.
3. Click on "Loft Rentals" and fill out "yes" to purchase a loft for $125 for the academic year.
4. The deadline to order a loft is AUGUST 15TH!
5. When you move into your room, the loft will already be there. The loft will not come assembled but is very easy and simple to put together! Here is a step by step guide on the set up.
6. If you decide that you would not like to have a loft, but you already ordered one, you can cancel it online BEFORE September 1st!

If you have any questions regarding lofts please feel free to email me at or give us a call at 414-229-4065!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First Year Student Checklist!!

Hello Incoming Panthers!

You might be asking yourself what are the steps I need to take before I can call myself a panther? Well I am here to help! The deadline that you should have engraved in your brain is MAY 1! I repeat MAY 1!!

This is the deadline for our first lottery for University Housing.

Of course this is only one of a few items in your PAWS checklist. Make sure you complete all of the below items as soon as possible so you avoid late charges

1. Sign up for placement testing

All new freshmen are required to take Math and English placement tests to determine their course eligibility. Admitted UWM New Freshmen need to sign up for a New Freshmen Testing Session. In addition to the mandatory math and English placement tests, testing is also available in chemistry and several foreign languages. If you grew up speaking a language other than English, ESL testing is offered at New Freshman testing. Placement testing must be completed prior to registering for classes.

2. Pay $100 New Student Confirmation Deposit

Log into your PAWS account to pay your $100 New Student Confirmation Deposit so we know you are dedicated to coming to this institution in next term.

3. Housing Contract & $100 University Housing Deposit 

This is where that very important deadline of MAY 1 comes into play. Submit your Housing Contract before our first deadline which is, you guessed it, MAY 1 ! Along with submitting your contract,  make sure you pay your $100 University Housing Deposit as well through your PAWS account.

If you choose not to live with us make sure you complete the residency policy exemption paperwork.

4. Connect with the New Student Orientation Office

This is the last step for you to complete before your pantherdom. In the NSO you will be meeting other new students and having an indepth introduction to our campus so you feel comfortable before you start to register for classes.

Get all of these steps done the sooner rather than later so you can enjoy your summer (and not have UWM offices calling you to remind you to complete them).

If you do not complete these items before the first day of classes, there will be a $50 late registration fee added to your PAWS account.


Monday, April 13, 2015

April Showers Part II

Wow! Hard to believe we are almost to those May flowers. If your looking for something to do for the rest of the month there are many more awesome ways to get out there and support the arts and take a break from studying while saving money! Here are a list of events Peck School of the Arts is putting on for the rest of April. Hey look! No snow outside!

Kenilworth Open Studios
April 18th 11:00 am (Free)

Placing the Golden Spike: Landscapes of the Anthropocene
Now through June (Free)
MA/MFA Exhibition II
Now through April 23rd (Free)
Metals! 15 Annual Juried Student Exhibition
April 16th through May 6th (Free)

New Dancemakers: From the Known to the Unknown
April 28th through May 2nd (Reduced Price)

Tender Muscles: 5 Films by Charles Fairbanks
April 19th 7:00pm (Free)
Milwaukee Underground Film Fest
April 30th through May 3rd (Free)

UWM Guitar Program Student Recital: Finger-Style Guitar Solos
April 17th 7:30pm (Free)
Gospel Choir Concert
April 21st 7:30pm (Free)
University Band & Symphony Band Concert
April 24th 7:30pm (Free)
University Community Orchestra Concert
April 26th 5:00pm (Free)

Love's Labors Lost
April 15th through April 19th (Reduced Price)
Slightly Bigger Women: What Happens When Little Women Grow Up?
April 22nd through April 26th (Reduced Price)
The Crucible
April 29th through May 3rd (Reduced Price)

I'll see you next time my friends,