Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Time to Self-Assign...and more!

It's that  time of year again, Returner Self-Assignment time! Our residents get the chance to pick where they will live for the next year. It may sound like the hunger games of rooms, but there are always a lot of happy faces as well. With so many awesome res halls to choose from, it's always a fun and exciting experience.    

We also have some other events happening this week in Sandburg, Check them out below!

Wednesday March 2nd we have the Sex and Law program in Flicks. This program takes a look at some of the issues surrounding our laws and sex. Featuring the Women's Resource Center, UWM Police Department, Norris Health Center and more..this event seems like a no brainer for some fun. They have answers to all your questions and will also feature appetizers and a guest speaker.

  Finally, the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) here at UW-Milwaukee is hosting Spread the Word to End the Word day right outside of Flicks and the Green Room. Wednesday night 7-9pm, stop by and take the pledge to end the use of the r-word. Sign your name on the banner and head to one of our other events happening a few steps away.            
Hope to see you all there!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Its time to Geek! It's Geek Week!!!

This has to be one of my absolute favorite times of year. Not only because mother nature begins to give us a glimpse of the joys of spring, but because its the time of year that I get to showcase my geek pride! Geek Week officailly begins today (February 18th) and goes until February 26th.  Some oppertunities you have this week include:

 Having a chance to compete against Chancellor Mark Mone in Trivia (Qualifiers are tonight (February 18th) in the Gasthaus at 8pm. The Final is on February 25th at noon in the Union Concourse.

A night full of video games on February 19th in the 8th note at 12pm to 8am

A cosplay masquerade happing on February 20th at 8pm with a DJ and a cosplay contest! It's all happening in the Union Wisconsin Room.

An anodizing workshop by the Arts and Crafts studio where you can perminatly dye metal! It's February 22nd at 12pm

And of course my all time favorite is doing the photo op on February 22nd at 2pm where you recieve your very own geek week bow tie in the Daniel M. Soref Learning Commons in the Library.

This is sure to be a week full of fun and adventure including Laser Tag, Lego Fest, and LeVar Burton. For a full list of events and details go to uwm.edu/geekweek.

I look forward to seeing everyone's geek week pride on campus!


Friday, February 12, 2016

All About Annabelle

Hi Everyone!
My name is Annabelle and I am one of the three new Outreach Assistants here at UW-Milwaukee within the housing office. I am so excited to interact with students and residents in a new way.

Currently, I am a Resident Assistant in Sandburg's North Tower in the Education and Leadership LLC. This is my second year as an RA and I have loved having a community of fun residents to help as they understand and get to know what college is all about. Last year I was an RA in East Tower so I have experienced a variety of the residence halls here on campus.

I am currently a Senior majoring in Public Relations and will be graduating with a degree in Journalism, Advertising, Media Studies with a focus in PR. I am also Pre-Law and will be going to law school once I graduate. I am hoping to go into advocacy law to advocate specifically for those with disabilities. I am very passionate about law and am excited to head towards Law School in the near future! I am also a member of a sorority here on campus and love my experience with it! (Shout out to my Gamma Phi's)

I grew up in Austin, Texas and  really enjoyed my time living in Austin and especially loved all the good BBQ, Tex-Mex and Mexican food. I definitely consider myself a foodie and of course I can't forget my Sweet Tea obsession. Overall, I enjoy reading, crafting, watching movies with friends, baking and spending time with my family. I am so excited to be starting as an Outreach Assistant and can't wait to see what the future brings.I have also included some pictures below!

     This is a picture of myself, my sister, and my brother.


                                 This is my sweet six year old dog Brenna...isn't she adorable?

Finally, here is a picture of myself and the Housing Council President at the awards banquet.


                       Until Next Time,

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hey, its Keara!

Who's excited to be one of the new UWM Housing Outreach Assistants?? I definitely am! My name is Keara (Pronounced like my girl Shakira but without the Sha).

I have so much Panther Pride that I not only love to show off housing as an Outreach Assistant but I am also currently a Campus Ambassador. That basically means I am a tour guide for the whole UWM campus. I love my jobs! I get to help perceptive students understand how fantastic UWM really is. Now by having both jobs I get to be extra #patherproud to our #futureuwmpanthers!!

A little about what I'm studying! I am a sophomore studying Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies-emphasis in Advertising, and also Art and Design Photography. What I hope to do with this degree is become a commercial or fashion/editorial photographer. I love being behind a camera and the world of advertising is beyond interesting to me! I hope to study abroad next year to Paris, France or Florence, Italy and be immersed in the art and fashion culture there!

Speaking of traveling...FUN FACT! I have been to 47 states (I just need Alaska, Texas and Idaho and then I'll be at the big 5 0!) I love to travel, its a big passion of mine. Another passion of mine is FOOD. Some things I miss about Sandburg is Waffle Weekends and Chinese days in the cafeteria, not to mention the chicken ceasar wrap and milkshakes at palms(slowly dying of nostalgia). I also love to be outdoors and recently have started to like working out...I know, it's as unfortunate as it sounds. I also am attempting to learn guitar. But most importantly, my favorite animal is a kangaroo but my spirit animal is an otter.

I cannot wait to get started with my Outreach Assistant job! College is all about getting involved and trying new experiences and this is one that I'm eager to jump into head first! If you have any questions for me email me at uhmktg@uwm.edu!


 Me and my friends at PantherFest!

 Me Adventuring with my camera in Milwaukee!

Me at my Campus Ambassador job at a Meet Milwaukee event for Perspective Students!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Less than 35 days till Finals!

Though studying for finals, finishing up projects, and getting in those last minute extra credit assignments may be consuming your mind there is a lot to think about if you are moving out of the residence halls over winter break. Speaking from personal experience, here are 5 things to think about ahead of time that you may forget about.

1. Take items home over thanksgiving break. Get rid of your summer clothes, swimsuits, and sandals. As sad as it is to put them away, lets face reality that winter is coming and you don't need these extra tank tops and shorts laying around.  Bringing home your stuff will save you room and you will have less to take home over winter break.

2. Pack a bag. Even if you don't have all your clothes at school it is important to pack a bag to bring home of clothes you will want over winter break. Also keep in mind even if  you plan on lounging in sweatpants and watching Netflix for a month your parents may want you to dress up for some Holiday Festivities, so make sure you pack your fancy pants too.

3. Bring toiletries home. Don't forget your deodorant, toothbrush, hairbrush, and everything else you keep in your bathroom. It can be easy to run out of your room after finals are over, but trust me you need these items. Also since University Housing cleans the bathrooms over winter break so you will want to make sure everything is emptied from the bathroom so it can be professionally cleaned.

4. Don't forget your chargers. Nothing can be worse than having to ask for a new phone and laptop charger in your stocking, just because you left them at school. Remember to unplug all of your electronics and take those chargers home with you!

5. Bring home the fish. A fish funeral when coming back to school in January can really put a damper on the whole reunion with you and your friends. Make sure to put your fish in a safe place and take him home to meet the family and enjoy the break with you.

Best of luck on your finals and remember you can always contact your RA about any questions regarding move out.

--Becca and Val