Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Finally Spring!

It’s finally spring break at UWM! I have been super busy lately with classes and working and student orgs! Now that the weather is starting to get warm it has been so much harder to get things done, I just want to sit outside in the sun all day!

Speaking of spring, it’s time to start signing up for housing for next year. I still have not decided for certain where I want to live. I am planning to apply for a spot in Kenilworth Apartments but have not done that yet. Summer housing rates are up if you wanted to stay on campus over break as well. They have super cheap rates compared to subleasing or renting in the city.

I currently live in Purin Hall. I have two amazing roommates, probably the best ones I have ever had, and I also work with them at Sandburg Cafeteria. I just started this month and I really like it. It’s nice to be back working again and making some money. Working on campus is nice because they are always super flexible to accommodate your class schedule.

Classes are really great. I officially declared a Journalism and Political Science double major and am currently taking 16 credits in those areas. I plan on graduating in December 2012. I have been thinking about taking summer classes, but as of now I’m not sure where I will get the funding for that. I really enjoy both of my majors and have been trying to get as involved as I can with student organizations on campus.

This month I joined Pi Sigma Alpha, it’s a Political Science honors fraternity here on campus. It was inactive for quite some time but has just become active again. We have already held elections, and had guest speaker JoAnne Kloppenburg, a candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, all within the first month of starting up. It’s a great opportunity to get involved if you are interested in Politics.

I am about to head home to Minneapolis for spring break. I don’t have anything fun planned, just working, the dentist, annual eye exam, all of those fun things that I figured I might as well cram into one week. Don’t forget to sign up for housing for next year! If there are any new students interested in hearing about the residence halls from a student’s point of view let me know and I will tell you everything I know!