Monday, July 29, 2013

Roaring with the Cows at State Fair

Where can you enjoy a delicious cream puff, try 5 different flavors of milk, pet a cow, AND display your Panther Pride!?  At Wisconsin State Fair of course.  On August 4 UW-Milwaukee will be displaying their Panther Pride through out the day.  There will be prizes to win, a contest you can show off your roar in, and a performance from PECK school of the arts.  Oh, and even Pounce will be there taking photos and signing autographs.  All of these great activities are located at the Fair’s Central Mall, across from the original cream puff pavilion.  There are so many great activities all offered on August 4, so grab your Panther paw prints and head on out to eat a cream puff with Pounce at the State Fair!
Make sure you check out this article on the UWM page for more information on State Fair events and the State Fair page so you know all about UWM events and the rest of excitement at State Fair.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Black Cat Ultimate!

Looking for a way to get involved around campus and the Milwaukee area? Want something that can help you build life long friendships and enrich your college experience? Need something to replace those high school sports? Then think about joining a sport club at UWM! There are various UWM sports clubs that students can become apart of from paintball, to soccer, to sailing club! One of my personal favorite sport clubs at UWM is Black Cat Ultimate Frisbee! Black Cat Ultimate Frisbee is a sport club consisting of both a women's and men's competitive teams. They travel around the surrounding Milwaukee area and even all the way to Florida to participate in ultimate frisbee tournaments. Those interested can contact Black Cat in the fall each year and you can visit their webpage or facebook page for more information! Black Cat volunteers throughout the Milwaukee community, can provide some jobs to their members and creates everlasting memories. It allows students to really reach out and participate in and around the UWM community. Make sure you check out the video below and get involved!!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

But MOOOOOOOOM, I'm sooo bored!!

Long time no see! The housing office has been bumpin' the last couple weeks and I've gotten to speak to a LOT of you as we keep counting down to the start of a great year. As students start moving onto campus, there will be the inevitable barrage of organizations trying to grab your attention and show you all of the amazing opportunities they have to offer. And trust me, there's a lot to offer!

UWM has over 300 student-led organizations that offer opportunity for involvement on any level you desire, opportunities that can directly correlate to your major and give you a leg up when starting your career. Being involved in a student organization is a great way to develop your leadership teamwork skills.  

South End Carnival goer testing
his limits with chubby bunny
The one year I have under my belt at UWM led me to explore a multitude of these organizations from the events I went to (even if it was just for the free food) and the chance to join a couple different organizations. While living in Cambridge Commons I was the Treasurer for the South End Council, one of the many community councils within the Residence Halls, where I gained experience far beyond making budgets. I was able to coordinate many events, such as the South End Carnival to wrap up the year and give everyone a chance to have a little fun with their friends before finals. 

Getting involved may not have been the "cool thing to do" in high-school, but my friends, that's a thing of the past once you reach UWM. Joining any of our organizations is a fun, beneficial way to make your time here worth something a little bigger than yourself. So as this year gets started make sure to explore a few groups, maybe you'll discover a new passion or find your next best friend. At the very least, you'll probably get some free food!

Peace and Blessins'


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dancemakers in July

Dancin' the Night Away!!

July 25-27 in Mitchell room 254 is an opportunity to view some amazing work.  The work of national recognized master of fine arts students will be displayed these July evenings.  This intimate performance provides a unique glimpse into various movement research perspectives from across the United States.  Shows are at 7:30PM every night and also 4:30PM Saturday.  Ticket prices vary as follows:
Tickets: $12 adult/$10 seniors, UWM faculty, staff, alumni & other university students/
$9 UWM students/$5 ages 13-18 and PSOA students/Free for under 12 & Dance majors.
Tickets can be purchased online or by phone at or 414-229-4308.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Do Some Research About Undergraduate Research!

Good Morning! 

One of the primary reasons I chose UWM, was the exceptional opportunity to be apart of undergraduate research. Throughout my undergraduate years at UWM, I will have the privilege to participate in two full years of undergraduate research. The first undergraduate research I participated in was applied undergraduate research through The Center of Urban Initiatives and Research and Zibler School of Public Health. I worked along side a nonprofit organization on a project called Youth Chef Academy. We went into local, urban Milwaukee public schools and taught students a plant based cooking program. Throughout my year working on this project, I researched the the obesity and malnutrition issues surrounding the youth in Milwaukee and implicated programs to decrease these increasing rates. Upon completion of my research, I was able to present my findings at the WPHA Annual Conference and the Undergraduate Research Symposium. My undergraduate research, allowed me to directly see how research can affect and influence the surrounding Milwaukee area in a positive way!!

The second undergraduate research I am able to participate in will take place my upcoming senior year! I will be working in a neurobiology lab doing genetic research on the genetic mutations of the CABIN1 gene in mice and zebra fish! Working in undergraduate research has allowed me to find a passion for the way molecular biology can intertwine with cutting edge research. There are plenty of opportunities to work with faculty on their research in a variety of departments. If you are interested in undergraduate research or want more specific information, check out The Office of Undergraduate Research. As always if you have any further questions about undergraduate research, please feel free to ask in the comments below!

Have an awesome day,

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ride the Magic School Bus

Yes!  You will most likely ride a large, yellow, school bus to get to classes.  In addition to school buses, there are also shuttle, which look like over-sized vans.  Many students are worried if they live in Cambridge Commons or RiverView, they won't be able to get to class on time with the shuttle.  I can speak from two years of experience.  I lived in RiverView, and the shuttles were very reliable.  They arrive about  every 5-7 minutes and the ride to campus is about 8-10 minutes.  Also despite what you hear, Cambridge Commons and RiverView are closer than you think; the two resident halls are only about a mile a way from campus.  In addition only residents are able to ride the shuttles, so no worry about not finding a spot to sit.  The last thing I would like to mention is that there are different shuttle route.  You can visit the shuttle website to learn more about shuttle route and times.  After 6 PM the shuttles switch from two direct routes from campus to resident halls to routes that offer stops in between campus and the resident halls.  This offers students the option to visit a friend off campus or grab a bite to eat at noodle.  Students can also keep track of shuttle arrival times through the UWM mobile app!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Extra Extra Read all about it!!!

Happy July! 

             Get excited incoming panthers!! Move-in guides are on their way to a mailbox near you!! Well almost... Start regularly checking your mailboxes mid July and keep an eye out for this guide filled with valuable information about the move-in process and living on campus this upcoming fall. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to make moving into our residence halls as easy as possible. It will have information on what not to wear bring to your new residence hall rooms as well as outline policies and procedures while living on campus. Packing tips, laundry information, mailing addresses, loft information, and maps of each residence halls are also jammed packed into it. My personal favorite part of the move in guide is all of the upcoming events and activities planned for Fall Welcome week! Fall Welcome week occurs after you move in and before classes begin September 3rd, so make sure you stick around after moving into your new home.  Some of these events include: Milwaukee boat tours, trips to museums, Brewers games, and so much more! There will also be a calendar on the UWM Mobile app filled with events and activities during Fall Welcome. Also make sure you thoroughly read the move-in guide, as it should be able to answer a majority of the questions that come up during the remainder of summer vacation. You can also view the move-in guide online before your paper copy arrives in the mail. Finally starting mid July, you can log onto your to view your move in time and date. It will also give you the option to request a loft on the webpage. Lofts are $100 to rent for the full academic year and will be waiting for you when you move into your room if you request a loft prior to August 1st.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact University housing or ask in the comments below!

Let it slide,


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Can I Get That To Go?

UWM Mobile home screen
Good afternoon everyone! At this point in the exciting process of coming to a new University I have a suspicion that everyone is being bombarded with new, important information from multiple departments. That's why I'm here to tell you all about the amazing UWM Mobile app you can all download for FREE! the UWM Mobile app is a great way to keep some important information right at your fingertips.

From the home screen, pictured on the right, you can navigate through several different menus that all have a lot of information about different aspects of campus and Residence Hall living.

As a resident in Cambridge last year, two of my favorite functions of the UWM Mobile app were the Laundry function and the Shuttles Function.


This is not your parents' laundry. Once you select Laundry from the home screen you will come to the page on the left. From here, select the laundry center you will be using. Each laundry center has a break down by machine (pictured on right) of which machines are available, which machines are in use, and how long the machines in use have left in their cycle. You can also access this information at if you do not have the UWM Mobile app. If you choose to access this information online, the password is: uwm8101.


Another of my favorite functions is the shuttle function. Selecting this option from the main menu allows you to access Shuttle Predictions for all of the routes that are currently running as well as a Real Time Map (pictured on left) that uses google maps to pinpoint exactly where the shuttles are on their routes. Especially for those of you in Cambridge Commons and RiverView who will be using shuttles frequently, the shuttle function can be awesome for navigating through your morning routine! I know it helped me last year.

Make sure to check the Calendar frequently during Fall Welcome to take full advantage of all the fun events going on!

I'll see you there!