Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Welcome Home Panthers

I’m so excited to welcome all our new first year students to UWM! Move in starts on August 29th. I remember how excited I was to move out of my parents’ home and to live on my own. Now that I’ve had a few years of living in University Housing, I wanted to share some tips and ways to be involved with you all!

First of all, have you contacted your roommates yet? You can log onto your housing page to find out your room assignment and who your suitemates are. You can also contact them through the housing page. Don’t be discouraged if there hasn’t been any communication though. I would personally suggest looking on social media if you haven’t been able to contact your future roomies. Have you checked out your class Facebook page? They’re likely a part of that group too.

Do you have everything you need to live in a Residence Hall? UWM has a few suggestions for what to bring, and also what NOT to bring. You can find that here.

Make sure you review UWM’s Move-In Guide before arriving. It explains policies, privacy, what to do on move-in day, and so much more.

So you’re all moved in. Now what?

Don’t just hang out in your room. This is your time to meet new people and make new friends. UWM also has a To Do list you can look into for some things you may want to complete right away. Make sure you go to your first floor meeting with your RA. You get to meet other students living in the same house as well as get to know your RA.

This year, Panther Academic Welcome (PAW) is on Friday, September 1st. This is a mandatory event for all first year students. You will discuss the common read and academics. After that, you get your class t-shirt, take the class photo, and get free food. It’s also a great way to meet new people.  

UWM has a ton of events planned. Check out your RA’s postings on your floor. Fall Welcome is packed with welcome events (lots of them have free food too). If you want a full schedule of those events click here. My favorite Fall Welcome event is Pantherfest. The artists performing this year are Kyle, Misterwives, and Kiiara. Be sure to grab your free ticket from August 30th to September 8th in the Union. Remember you need your PanthercardID!

As you become more familiar with your new home, check out UWM’s bucket list. There are also over 300 student organizations to get involved in. If you need some extra spending money you could keep an eye out for a campus job. You may consider becoming involved with SHAC or the council for your Residence Hall

I’m excited for you to experience UWM. It quickly becomes home to us. I’ll see you guys around campus!


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Greetings Panthers!

On an Urban Hike hosted by Focus Photography Club
Hello everybody! My name is Kenzie Hack, and I just wrapped up my First Year here at UWM! I just recently landed the job here at University Housing as a new Outreach Assistant. I'm working over the summer, especially during New Student Orientation (NSO). So incoming first year students, if you see me, don't be shy, say hi! It's been exciting for me to share my passion for UWM's campus with incoming first-year students and get them as pumped for college as I was when I came here.

I was born in Milwaukee, and in my childhood I grew up in suburbs that were Southwest of Milwaukee in Greendale. The rest of my adolescence I grew up near Waukesha, about an hour West of Milwaukee.

Behind the scenes of a shoot
After portfolio review during my sophomore year, I will be able to officially announce that I am a Photography major! I'm also going for a minor in Psychology. Before I came to college, my intended major was going to be psych. After I toured our campus here, I fell in love with the facilities Peck School of the Arts has to offer. My first year I was part of an LLC - Living Learning Community- at Cambridge Commons for Art & Design majors. This was one of the best experiences I had because of all the close friendships I made. I also joined and eventually became an Officer of UWM's Focus Photography club on campus. I recommend getting involved in any way you can! I was able to meet so many upper-year students through our club, and although saying goodbye to the seniors was hard, I'm always grateful I had a chance to make those connections.

Exploring the sights of downtown MKE
Getting involved has also given me an opportunity to be a professor's studio assistant, which has been a more than amazing experience. My professor now even has his work up in an exhibition at the Haggerty Museum of Art on Marquette's campus! Helping Mougel create the works was a hectic job, but well worth it after having seen the final product up on the wall. Be sure to check out the show before it closes on September 17th 2017. It includes the work of 5 emerging and established Milwaukee artists who all had
won the Mary L. Nohl award.

Photographs I've made during my first year of college
After my junior year in high school, I was able to take part in a German foreign exchange that traveled through Germany for a month long trip. I miss my host family every day, along with the lifelong friends I've made during that experience. One thing I'm proud of UWM for is having the Study Abroad program as part of our Center for International Education. Because of the CIE, I don't have to cease my travels.

Photographs I've made during my first year of college
Another thing I have got to be most proud of UWM for is our accepting LGBTQA+ campus. UWM has been ranked one of the nation's top campuses for LGBTQ+ students, and is currently rated 4.5 stars by Campus Pride as an LGBTQ+ friendly University. Not only is our LGBT+ Resource Center located in the Union a safe space, but now at our University you can apply for a Preferred name. Students can officially be recognized by their preferred name or name-in-use at UWM. University Housing also has Inclusive Housing, where accommodations offer a welcoming space for students who self-select and self-identify as gender non-conforming and students who identify as allies. On top of that, UWM recognizes that students may choose to identify themselves with a gender that differs from the Male/Female designation that appears on government documents, and students are able to submit a Student Gender Identity Request Form. There are also events that are going on in Milwaukee and on campus year-round, such as the LGBT Film FestivalUWM Annual Drag Show, and UWM Pride Discovery Camp.

Photographs I've made during my first year of college
And last but not least, my favorite thing about UW-Milwaukee is that there's always  stuff to do  - check out our Bucket List! So most importantly, have fun these couple of years! College is a fresh start and a new, exciting experience.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

8 Things to Enjoy This Summer in Milwaukee

Most students go home during the summer between Freshman and Sophomore year. Because I love Milwaukee, and this job, I decided to stick around instead of going home like everyone else. Milwaukee has lots of fun things to do throughout the summer, so here are a few things I'll be doing during my time off! If you're in town for new student orientation or a campus tour, check some of these things out during your downtime.

1.) Summerfest
if you haven't heard of Summerfest, you're missing out! This huge festival has music from all genres. The tickets are fairly affordable, so I'll be going to a few different days. My favorites on the lineup are, A Day To Remember, DNCE, Bleachers, Jon Bellion, and PVIRS.
Brewers game with friehds

2.) Brewers Games 
Are you really a Wisconsinite if you don't love the Brewers? Living a 15 minute drive away from Miller Park is great, and the tickets are fairly cheap, so I'll be sure to see as many Brewers games as possible!

3.) Rooftop Dinners
Since Wisconsin only has a few fleeting months of warmth, I highly suggest taking advantage of the many outdoor dining spaces in Milwaukee. My personal favorite is Benelux, located in the Historic Third Ward. Saturday night dinner with a view of the city? I'll be there!

4.) Beaches
With to beaches nearby, you can catch me having a picnic with friends by the water fairly often. There's a Colectivo Coffee shop right across the street from Bradford Beach, so smoothies and sandy feet are to be expected all summer long. Lake life is the good life!
Beach day with freshman year roommates

5.) NEWaukee Night Market
NEWaukee is the epitome of Milwaukee culture. This is a free market with food, live music, art, and plenty more! This event happens four times throughout the summer, I'll catch at least one, you should too!

6.) Wisconsin State Fair
Confession: I've never been to the state fair. Sounds like a crime, right? Well this year that'll change! Since the state fair grounds are so close by, I'll definitely be going to so bands like For King & Country or Pentatonix!

7.) Mitchell Park Domes
Ever wonder what those three weird domes are when you're driving into the city? Turns out, they're the Mitchell Park Domes that hold some crazy plant life! It's a cheap date idea, entertain the parents idea, or just a fun outing with friends!

8.) Discovery World
Confession #2: I've never been to Discovery World. I hear so many good things about how much fun it is to explore the exhibits, so I have to go check it out myself! I'm sure it'll be a good adventure for a day off.

Friday, June 9, 2017

2017-2018 Room Assignments: Decoding Tips

Hello Panthers!

As our room assignments will start go ing live, we have some tips for you on how to access and understand the MyHousing screens that contain your assignment information.

Step 1: Log onto your my housing webpage. ( This uses your ePantherID and Password. Once you are logged in scroll towards the bottom of the page to see your assignment. This room is in blue as a hyper link that you can click on.

Step 2: Click on your room and another page will also pop up with your suitemates/roommates listed on the page as well. The person with the same letter at the end of their room assignment is your roommate. Everyone else is a suitemate.

If you are living in Cambridge Commons or Riverview you will see CC or RV as the letters. When you have a space in Sandburg your assignment will start with a letter that corresponds to a tower in the building. North- N, South- S, East-E, West-W.  In the example above, the assignment starts with an "E" so you'd be living in East Tower. 

The next two numbers are the floor you live on. In this case the assignment is E1520D so you'd be living in East Tower on the 15th floor. The third and fourth numbers refer to the suite number you would live in. In some cases the suites have different layouts so you would want to look and see your layout. Finally, the last letter would be the room in the suite. In this case the "D" room.

Step 3: See if you are in your LLC! Go back to your Home Page and now look for a link called LLC Information. Click there, and it will take you to a screen that tells you what, if any, your LLC selection was, and your current status.
Please remember to be patient when working with myhousing and the UWM Housing website. There will be a lot of web traffic and some possible delays. Also keep in mind that not everyone finds out their assignments in the first wave but be patient -- it's coming! We are working hard to get your assignment to you. As usual, feel free to call us with any comments or questions. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Prowl Line Finals Hours

Hey Panthers!

Hope the studying is going well. Finals week is almost here, but lucky for us the Prowl Line is extending its hours to accommodate students who want more time to study around campus.

Do you know when your finals are scheduled? If you're in a class like BUS ADM 230, your final is at 7:30 on Saturday morning. Don't wait until the last minute to leave, because shuttles fill up quickly with last minute students trying to get to that final. Plan ahead! Professors don't give extra time if you're late. Leave early and make sure you get there.

Also be sure to check out the Prowl Line's summer hours.

Happy studying, and hope your finals go well!

UPASS Summer Use

Are you staying in Milwaukee for the summer? If so, here's what you need to know about your UPASS.

Students paying for summer courses + segregated fees will automatically have their UPASS stay activated through August 20th. Online classes don't count, unless it specifically says you're paying the additional fees. You can see this on your PAWS account.

If you're not taking a summer class, your UPASS will deactivate on May 20th. If you would like to keep it activated, you need to visit UWM Transportation Services, located in the UWM Student Union WG25. You will need to pay segregated fees of $22.55 in order to keep your UPASS activated.

So bottom line is, this option is to cover the summer gap. If you were here as a student Spring 2017 and are going to be here as a student Fall 2017, this is for you. If you weren't a student this past semester, or don't plan on being a student this fall, other options are available through MCTS.

Have your summer UPASS figured out? Here are some options you can check out this summer.

Baseball fans: Miller Park is just a bus ride away. Hop on the Goldline at Maryland and Newport, stop #4371 and ride until Wisconsin and N45, stop #492. Then it's a short walk to the stadium. Don't feel like taking the walk? Check out the Brewers Line, available at 20 different Milwaukee stops. There are also routes available from the Blueline or Route 23.

Check out the Milwaukee Public Market. Get on the Greenline at Oakland and Hartford #1400, and get off at Water and St. Paul, #635 and you're right there. If you love food, this is the place to be.

Have you visited the Milwaukee Art Museum yet? The Goldline at Maryland and Newport, stop #4371 takes you down to Prospect and Mason, #4391. A four minute walk then gets you straight to the museum. Admission is free the first Thursday of every month.

Check out Visit Milwaukee for more ideas.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hi Panthers!

Hi! My name is Jessica. I’m about to complete my second year here at UWM. I have been an Outreach Assistant at UWM for a few months now, and it’s exciting for me to watch incoming students because they are just beginning their college experience here as a Panther. I know that they will fall in love with this school, campus, and community just as I have.

Pantherfest 2016 

I grew up in a small town called Spring Green, Wisconsin. It was a unique town, having things such as American Players Theatre, House on theRock, and Taliesin. When I was looking at places to go for college, my one thought was that I wanted to be in a city, to be the opposite of where I grew up. Milwaukee has many opportunities in the healthcare field, such as a 4 year sonography program which is what drew me to apply here. However, my plans changed and I decided to do a different path of education in preparation for furthering my education after I complete my bachelor’s degree. I am now working towards a biomedical sciences degree, with a chemistry minor.

One of my favorite things here at UWM are the opportunities to become involved on campus. There are so many clubs, jobs, or sports to be a part of. I am in Chemistry Club and PASA, and if I had time would be involved in more. If I were to recommend something to an incoming student, it would be to join a club and meet new people with the same interests as you.

Panther Pride

Another favorite thing about UWM is Fall Welcome. There are so many activities and events planned. I also love living in this city because there are things to do all the time: new restaurants to try, new places to shop, new parts of the beach to lay on. I definitely feel that UWM is my home and I hope the incoming students will feel the same way!

Monday, May 8, 2017


 New Dancemakers 2016 - Photo by Tim Russell
Hi everyone! My name is Maddie and I'm finishing up my Freshman year at UW-Milwaukee. I started my job as an outreach assistant last fall, and I love it! My favorite part of the job is tabling events like Go Milwaukee, Meet Milwaukee and New Student Orientation. I love talking with prospective and incoming students about any questions or concerns they may have. I have a soft spot for High School kids because I just graduated a year ago, so the memories of senioritis, anxiously planning for freshman year, and the excitement of exploring a new school are still fresh. Anything I can do to help new panthers feel comfortable is my jam.

Day trip to Chicago
I was born in Coon Rapids, Minnesota but my family moved to Stevens Point, Wisconsin before I even turned one. I graduated from Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH for short), and spent most of my time in choir, band, musicals, or dance classes. Outside of that, I worked at a movie theater for almost three years and grew my love for media. Spending most of my life in the arts eventually led me to applying for a BFA in Dance at UW-Milwaukee's outstanding Peck School of the Arts. When I was little I thought I'd grow up to be a ballerina attending Julliard, but as I got older I realized I preferred post-modern dance and Milwaukee offered a strong post-modern curriculum. So far dancing at UW-Milwaukee's has been an incredible experience. A lot of people ask why I chose Milwaukee over staying home and attending UW-Stevens Point and the answer is simple: the opportunities. The city offers plenty of guest artists, companies, and performances along with being so close to Chicago for bigger auditions. On top of being a Dance major, I'm also majoring in Journalism, Advertisement and Media Studies (JAMS for short) all thanks to my High School job at the movie theater.

Getting ready for 80's night
A few things I've enjoyed this past year as a freshman have been joining RUF (Reformed University Fellowship), Concert hopping on weekends, exploring the city with friends, and Colectivo. RUF is a Christian student organization I got involved with at the beginning of the year and now attend weekly along with being part of the Ministry Team. I highly recommend getting involved in a student org your first year! Off campus, Milwaukee has plenty of concert venues to explore such as The Rave, The Pabst, Summerfest Grounds, Milwaukee Center for the Performing Arts, etc. Every so often my friends and I will spend the weekend checking out the music from venue to venue. This city offers so much, there's never a boring day. My friends and I will go to Bucks games, Brewers games, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Discovery Museum, Var Art Gallery, and plenty more events around the city. Out of everything here, my favorite spot is by far the coffee shop, Colectivo. There's a few of these scattered around Milwaukee and more often than not you can find me at one with a smoothie in hand, working on assignments or studying for exams.
Atwater Beach day with my roommate and suitemate

Over all I've had a great freshman year at UW-Milwaukee. I can't wait to see where the next three years take me, not only as a student but in this position as an Outreach Assistant as well.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Move-Out Tips

Hi Panthers!

My name is Jessica, and I’m a sophomore here at UWM. It’s almost time to move out again! After we get through finals, of course. The end of spring semester can be a little crazy, but I’ve been through it before. Here’s a few tips for anyone who doesn’t know what to expect.

Quick Move-Out Tips: 

  • Don’t leave your cleaning until the last minute. If you are moving out after a final, give yourself some time to clean and stay organized. 
  • If you have a lot of trash, don’t leave it until the day you move out. With everyone cleaning at the same time, trash gets backed up and the last thing you want to be stuck with are multiple garbage bags coming home with you. 
  • Don’t throw away your gently used items. Things like clothes or room d├ęcor can be donated to Goodwill. 
  • Don’t schedule your move out time right after your last final. You’ll already be stressed, so give yourself a breather between that test and moving home. 
  • Collaborate with your suitemates about cleaning common areas. Make sure you don’t get stuck with everyone else’s mess. 
  • Remember, the latest you can move out is 24 hours after your last final. Schedule your move out time with your RA sooner rather than later so you get a time that’s convenient to you. 
  • Make sure housing has your forwarding address. Otherwise you might not get your packages when you need them. 

Have a great summer break, Panthers!