Thursday, November 12, 2015

Less than 35 days till Finals!

Though studying for finals, finishing up projects, and getting in those last minute extra credit assignments may be consuming your mind there is a lot to think about if you are moving out of the residence halls over winter break. Speaking from personal experience, here are 5 things to think about ahead of time that you may forget about.

1. Take items home over thanksgiving break. Get rid of your summer clothes, swimsuits, and sandals. As sad as it is to put them away, lets face reality that winter is coming and you don't need these extra tank tops and shorts laying around.  Bringing home your stuff will save you room and you will have less to take home over winter break.

2. Pack a bag. Even if you don't have all your clothes at school it is important to pack a bag to bring home of clothes you will want over winter break. Also keep in mind even if  you plan on lounging in sweatpants and watching Netflix for a month your parents may want you to dress up for some Holiday Festivities, so make sure you pack your fancy pants too.

3. Bring toiletries home. Don't forget your deodorant, toothbrush, hairbrush, and everything else you keep in your bathroom. It can be easy to run out of your room after finals are over, but trust me you need these items. Also since University Housing cleans the bathrooms over winter break so you will want to make sure everything is emptied from the bathroom so it can be professionally cleaned.

4. Don't forget your chargers. Nothing can be worse than having to ask for a new phone and laptop charger in your stocking, just because you left them at school. Remember to unplug all of your electronics and take those chargers home with you!

5. Bring home the fish. A fish funeral when coming back to school in January can really put a damper on the whole reunion with you and your friends. Make sure to put your fish in a safe place and take him home to meet the family and enjoy the break with you.

Best of luck on your finals and remember you can always contact your RA about any questions regarding move out.

--Becca and Val

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Good Morning Panthers!

I hope your first month of classes went great, but it can be pretty overwhelming. With keeping up with all of the readings, labs, quizzes, and even with exams coming up it can be pretty stressful. Not to mention if you are working or in clubs and organizations as well. Personally myself I am working two jobs, a double major, and in a sorority so I am all too familiar with the struggle of trying to balance my time. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to not being as stressed or have the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Struggling with classes?

Making sure that you are up to date with all of your assignments as well as staying on track with all the readings can be very stressful.

Panther Academic Support Services (PASS) is here to help! PASS tutoring is extremely helpful with those classes that you are struggling with and can prepare you for those midterms and finals. Not only does PASS schedule tutor appointments with you, but they even except walk ins! Since my schedule can get a little hetic I like to use their option of online tutoring. Here is the best part IT IS FREE! So there is no excuse for you not to get the help you need!

Do you have an insane schedule?

Balancing your time is a skill that you will continue to grow at, but balancing school, work, clubs, social life, and hobbies can be a little overwhelming.

What I like to do is make a list and protize everything I need to get done. Having an online calendar as well as a hard cover planner is very helpful. You can even use the the calendar online through your school email or pick up a planner at the Student Success Center!

Are you feeling just overall overwhelmed?

The main thing you have to do is make sure you take care of yourself. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in your busy schedule.

 Make sure you make time to eat healthy, don't drink too much coffee, and get as much sleep as you possibly can. Remember that you can only perform at your best when you feel the best!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's that time of year again... FALL WELCOME!

It is almost time to start going back to class, chugging coffee, and seeing the people that you have missed all summer. Which means...fall welcome is in full gear! Here are a few events that I will be personally going to, but to see all events go to their website at

Thursday, August 27th 

At the Union Cinema at 9pm, the film Get Hard with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart will be playing.See Will Ferrell get an education in incarceration from Kevin Hart in this new comedy. 

Friday, August 28th

At Sandburg Residence Hall in Flicks at 9pm, Comedy Sportz will be taking place. ComedySportz is an improv comedy show and a tradition in Milwaukee. Two teams of "Actletes" get suggestions from the audience, create scenes on stage, and compete for your laughs. You decide what each scene is about, you decide who you think is funnier, and you decide who wins! Snacks and beverages served; audience participation encouraged; laughter guaranteed! 

Saturday, August 29th

From 12pm-4pm shuttles will be picking up and dropping off students from the library shuttle stop to Bradford Beach! Are you moved in and looking to enjoy the beautiful weather and explore Milwaukee’s lakefront? Visit beautiful Bradford Beach. Get active with beach volleyball or frisbee, or just relax and enjoy the beach and beautiful water of Lake Michigan. . 

Sunday, August 30th

At the Sandburg Hall Green Room at 10am, buses will load to the Brewers vs. Reds: Sponsored by the Campus Actives Board. Join fellow students for a great afternoon at Miller Park as the Milwaukee Brewers face the Cincinnati Reds. All fans in attendance receive a Vintage Brewer bobble head. Bring clothing appropriate for the weather and money to purchase food or other items. 

Wednesday, September 2nd

At the Union Ballroom at 6pm come to check out Greek Life at the Fraternity and Sorority Showcase! Being an active member in Alpha Omicron Pi, I can't explain how amazing of an experience it is being a member of Greek Life at UWM.

Friday, September 4th

Today is the day most of UWM students, including myself look forward to every year. PANTHERFEST! This year Twenty One Pilots and Hoodie Allen will be performing! I cannot wait to see these amazing acts considering one of them is my favorite band :)

Enjoy Fall Welcome!!


Monday, August 17, 2015

The Awesomeness that is Our Walls

Move-in is less than two weeks! (Wait, two weeks! Really? Summer just started!) As we have been loving meeting all y'all at New Student and Transfer Adult Student orientations we have been receiving a lot of questions! Which is fantastic, it's great to see how excited everyone is for move-in! One of our most received questions has to do with hanging items on the walls and the best practices to make sure you don't get charged for damages at the end of the year. Below is a simple guide of things you can do to avoid getting charged.

For a splash of color:

Don't paint your walls.

Do use posters.

For hanging things (This is a change for the 2015-2016 school year*):

Don't use command strips, pins, or staples.

Do use Poster Puddy and Painters Tape.

For frustration:

Don't punch the walls.

Do use a stress ball.

I hope you find this guide useful and we all look forward to meeting you during move-in!

-Tyler and Valerie

*The reasoning behind this change is due to individuals who were moving out in Cambridge Commons and RiverView Residence Halls telling students they were going to get charged for damage to the walls unless they used Spackle to cover any holes left in the wall. This ended up causing more damage to the walls. To prevent this from happening again, we are only allowing poster puddy and painters tape from now on.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Interpreting Your Room Assignment!

With the first weekend of June coming soon and room assignments starting to come out I am sure many of you are very excited to find out where you are living and who you are living with.  Of course with all this excitement I want to make sure you know how to decode your room assignments once you get them! Once you log onto your myhousing@uwm account, scroll to the bottom of the screen. Under the “2015-2016 Residence Hall Academic Year Contract“ heading, you should see a blue link with letters and numbers. This blue link is your assignment and if you click on that link, it will bring up a new page with your roommates and suitemates names. The person with the exact same room letter as you is your roommate and those listed with different room numbers are your suitemates.

Room assignments for Sandburg residents would look something like this “N2310A”. The letter N could be replaced with S, W or E just depending on the tower you were assigned to. The first two numbers would tell you what floor in Sandburg your room is on. For “N2310A”, the assigned room would be located on the 23rd floor of north tower. The third and fourth numbers tell you what suite you were assigned. For “N2310A”, the assigned suite is 10 on the 23rd floor of north tower. Finally the letter at the end of your assignment is your assigned room. For “N2310A”, the assigned room is room A in suite 10 on the 23rd floor in North tower. If you were assigned to Sandburg, your room assignment should be similar for all of the towers.

Room assignments for Cambridge Commons residents would look something like “CC232B”. The CC in your room assignment lets you know that you were placed in Cambridge Commons. For “CC232B”, the numbers tell you what suite you are assigned to. These numbers also dictate what floor in Cambridge your room is on. For “CC232B”, your assigned room is on the 2nd floor in suite 232. Finally, the letter at the end of your assignment is your assigned room. For “CC232B”, your assigned room would be B in suite 232 on the 2nd floor of Cambridge Commons.

Room assignments for Riverview residents would look something like “RV308A”. The RV in your room assignments lets you know that you were placed in RiverView. For “RV308A”, the numbers tell you what suite you are assigned to. These numbers also dictate what floor in RiverView your room is on. For “RV308A”, your assigned room is on the 3rd floor in suite 308. Finally, the letter at the end of your assignment is your assigned room. For “RV308A”, your assigned room is the A room in suite 308 on the 3rd floor of RiverView.

After you receive your room assignment, check out furniture measurements here, or recaps of Sandburg, Cambridge and Riverview here!

With many people eager to find out more information about their living space the system tends to get overwhelmed. Please be patient, especially over the first couple of days as the website is used heavily. Remember not everyone will find out their assignment on June 5th, but we will continue to send the assignments out throughout the summer.

If you have signed up to be in a Living Learning Community you will not see any reference to your LLC in MyHousing. However, if you have signed up to be in an LLC and your room number matches with where the LLC is placed below you are most likely in that community.

Hope this helps and if you have any questions about room assignments please call the University Housing office or ask in the comments below!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

University Housing Administrative Assistant Attempts to Become MasterChef

We are extremely proud to announce that our University Housing Administrative Assistant Katrina Kozar is a contestant on the television show MasterChef on FOX 6. Tune in Wednesdays at 7pm to watch Milwaukee's own compete for the grand prize of a cook book deal and $250,000!

Watch Katrina on Fox 6 News as she shares her favorite recipe!

Read her interview with!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What steps do I need to take to loft my bed?

Hello Panthers!!

I know the school year is coming to a close, but it isn't too early to be thinking about next year! A very common question is how do I sign up for a loft?! Well here are the steps you need to take to make sure your loft is ready to go!

1. Go to your @myhousing account at
2. When you are at your home page you should see loft rentals is the last link on the page.
3. Click on "Loft Rentals" and fill out "yes" to purchase a loft for $125 for the academic year.
4. The deadline to order a loft is AUGUST 15TH!
5. When you move into your room, the loft will already be there. The loft will not come assembled but is very easy and simple to put together! Here is a step by step guide on the set up.
6. If you decide that you would not like to have a loft, but you already ordered one, you can cancel it online BEFORE September 1st!

If you have any questions regarding lofts please feel free to email me at or give us a call at 414-229-4065!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First Year Student Checklist!!

Hello Incoming Panthers!

You might be asking yourself what are the steps I need to take before I can call myself a panther? Well I am here to help! The deadline that you should have engraved in your brain is MAY 1! I repeat MAY 1!!

This is the deadline for our first lottery for University Housing.

Of course this is only one of a few items in your PAWS checklist. Make sure you complete all of the below items as soon as possible so you avoid late charges

1. Sign up for placement testing

All new freshmen are required to take Math and English placement tests to determine their course eligibility. Admitted UWM New Freshmen need to sign up for a New Freshmen Testing Session. In addition to the mandatory math and English placement tests, testing is also available in chemistry and several foreign languages. If you grew up speaking a language other than English, ESL testing is offered at New Freshman testing. Placement testing must be completed prior to registering for classes.

2. Pay $100 New Student Confirmation Deposit

Log into your PAWS account to pay your $100 New Student Confirmation Deposit so we know you are dedicated to coming to this institution in next term.

3. Housing Contract & $100 University Housing Deposit 

This is where that very important deadline of MAY 1 comes into play. Submit your Housing Contract before our first deadline which is, you guessed it, MAY 1 ! Along with submitting your contract,  make sure you pay your $100 University Housing Deposit as well through your PAWS account.

If you choose not to live with us make sure you complete the residency policy exemption paperwork.

4. Connect with the New Student Orientation Office

This is the last step for you to complete before your pantherdom. In the NSO you will be meeting other new students and having an indepth introduction to our campus so you feel comfortable before you start to register for classes.

Get all of these steps done the sooner rather than later so you can enjoy your summer (and not have UWM offices calling you to remind you to complete them).

If you do not complete these items before the first day of classes, there will be a $50 late registration fee added to your PAWS account.


Monday, April 13, 2015

April Showers Part II

Wow! Hard to believe we are almost to those May flowers. If your looking for something to do for the rest of the month there are many more awesome ways to get out there and support the arts and take a break from studying while saving money! Here are a list of events Peck School of the Arts is putting on for the rest of April. Hey look! No snow outside!

Kenilworth Open Studios
April 18th 11:00 am (Free)

Placing the Golden Spike: Landscapes of the Anthropocene
Now through June (Free)
MA/MFA Exhibition II
Now through April 23rd (Free)
Metals! 15 Annual Juried Student Exhibition
April 16th through May 6th (Free)

New Dancemakers: From the Known to the Unknown
April 28th through May 2nd (Reduced Price)

Tender Muscles: 5 Films by Charles Fairbanks
April 19th 7:00pm (Free)
Milwaukee Underground Film Fest
April 30th through May 3rd (Free)

UWM Guitar Program Student Recital: Finger-Style Guitar Solos
April 17th 7:30pm (Free)
Gospel Choir Concert
April 21st 7:30pm (Free)
University Band & Symphony Band Concert
April 24th 7:30pm (Free)
University Community Orchestra Concert
April 26th 5:00pm (Free)

Love's Labors Lost
April 15th through April 19th (Reduced Price)
Slightly Bigger Women: What Happens When Little Women Grow Up?
April 22nd through April 26th (Reduced Price)
The Crucible
April 29th through May 3rd (Reduced Price)

I'll see you next time my friends,


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What to do During April Showers

I know what your thinking. April showers bring May flowers. Well, if it is showering (maybe snowing) and you want to do something that doesn't involved getting soaked, (nothing against running around in the rain wearing a swim suit) Peck school of the Arts has lots of free and/or reduced price entertainment for Panthers, by Panthers. There is so much going on this month that there will be a second post half way through of even more things to do as you prepare for finals. I hope to see you all around!

Awesome things to do:

Kenilworth Open Studios
April 18th 11:00 am (Free)

Placing the Golden Spike: Landscapes of the Anthropocene
Now through June (Free)
First Year Program Exhibitions
April 1st through 10th (Free)

Jenni Olson's The Royal Road 
April 4th 7pm (Free)

MKE Unplugged: Woody Mann
April 2nd 7:30pm (Free)
UWM Symphony Orchestra Concert: Concerto Winners
April 3rd 7:30pm (Free)
Leonard Sorkin Institute of Chamber Music Spring Recital
April 7th 7:30pm (Free)
Wind Ensemble Concert
April 10th 7:30pm (Free)
Concert Chorale at Milwaukee Art Museum
April 11th 1:30pm (Free)
Antigoni Goni Classical Guitar Concert
April 14th 7:30pm (Reduced Price)

Love's Labors Lost
April 15th through April 19th (Reduced Price)

I'll see you next time my friends,


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Start Your Break Off with SPRING!

Hard to believe with the snow storm a couple days ago, but spring break is T minus 1 day, 12 hours, 4 minutes, and 34 seconds. (going with the offical start at 12:00 A.M. Saturday March 14th, if your's starts earlier, then it is even less!).

With spring break on the mind, lets take a second and think... We are thinking green grass, birds chirping, going to the beach, and finally being able to go outside with JUST a t-shirt and shorts! Now come back to reality and lets be real. Right now, next week is looking like mid 40s and 50s, so shorts are a possibility, t-shirt...if you are brave. Of course this is assuming that mother nature doesn't throw us a curve ball--which she is notorious for doing.

If you are planning on staying in the beautiful city of Milwaukee over spring break as I am, here are some ideas on things to do depending on the weather of course.

  • Take a run or walk - Milwaukee has Lake Drive, Oak Leaf Trail, Veterans Park, and so many other good places for you to stretch you legs for a bit! 
  • Go to the beach - It is only about a 2 mile trek from the Union to Bradford Beach so you could walk there and then go relax in the sand. On your way back you can always take the bus or shuttle to get back to campus, so why not go and enjoy the outdoors. 
  • Go to the Domes - Especially since there is still a tiny bit of snow on the ground, the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory is a great place to go and see what the warmer weather will bring to Milwaukee, and to other areas around the world. 
  • Catch a game - Several area high schools, clubs and rec leagues are having outdoor competitions you can watch or take part in. In fact, the Brewers are warming up for opening day which is already on April 6th! 
  • Get lost in downtown - All UWM students get a free Milwaukee Transit System Bus Pass. Use it to hop the 30, 30X, Gold Line, or other lines that run down town and explore an area of the city that you aren't familiar with. 
Of course, now that the weather is becoming a bit more bearable, this city has so much to offer! So whether it is when you start during our Spring break or when you get back to the city, make sure to spend some time outside and soak in the city and sun! 

- Tyler & Kenlei

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Returner Self- Assignment!

As February comes to a close, the employees in the Business Administration office in University Housing get our contracts organized and our pens ready because the beginning of March always means RETURNER SELF-ASSIGNMENT.

What is Returner Self-Assignment, you ask? Well, as a fourth year resident in Sandburg Hall, I am all too familiar with this process, so let me explain. Returner Self-Assignment is for the current University Housing residents who plan on returning to the residence halls in the fall. These students can pick where they want to live next year... EXACTLY where they want to live!


Yes! That means you can choose not only your building (Sandburg Traditional, Sandburg East, Purin, Riverview or Cambridge), but you can also sign up with friends to make sure you are placed together or near each other (whoever has the best assigned time can pencil-in their roommates and suitemates names - those roommates and suitemates then have to show up at their assigned times to confirm the request). With this freedom, you can also pick the style of room (triple, double or single) and even pick a room with the view that you want!

If you want to take part in this convenient process, make sure to attend at your scheduled time, which will occur on either the Tuesday March 3 or Wednesday March 4 assignment days in the Sandburg Green Room from 5-9 p.m. Check your mailbox for your individual instructions. If you aren't able to make it, you can have a friend turn in a "proxy card" so they can pick the room for you, or you can go to the Round 2 of Returner Self-Assignment in April.

When you show up to the Green Room there might be a long line, but don't be intimidated because the line usually goes pretty quick. From there you will go up to the table that represents the building you want to live in and pick the room you want to live in next fall. Make sure you go with a few options that you are okay with living in, just in case your specific room is already taken once you get there. However, once you sign your contract, make the prepayment/deposit fee of $100, and pick your room, you are guaranteed the room you reserved come move in during August!

If you are still unsure of whether or not you will be staying in University Housing next year, feel free to reach out to our office here at or 414.229.3158 we are more than happy to answer questions, give tours, and help you weigh the pros and cons of the many options available to you as a continuing student.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's That Time of the Semester Again

Classes have gotten underway, homework has began to pile up, quizzes and tests are on the horizon. That can only mean one thing, it's time for the Map-works spring transitional survey.

The survey is very easy to complete, you should have received an email around February 9th (at least that's when I got my email.) You can also just click this link to complete it now or go to if you like. To complete the survey, all you have to do is log-in with your ePanther ID as a student and press the big checkmark that says: Spring Transition Take Survey.

It took me 10 minutes 52 seconds and 59 tenths of a second to complete the survey (yea, I did time it.) The information collected through this survey helps RAs do their job to help students as well as many other offices on campus. Once completed feel free to look at your report and see what areas are your strengths and which ones could need some attention. A great person to talk to about this would be your RA or your Peer Mentor.

So moral of the story (or post), when you have 10 minutes 52 seconds and 59 tenths of a second, do your RA a solid and take the survey.

Till next time my friends,


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to Get Involved - Mid-Year Edition

We all know the annual Fall Welcome events and rush can inspire a lot of students to get involved in our campus clubs and organizations, student government, and other communities across campus. However, not everyone was able to make it to the academic year kick-off back in September. But that does not mean it is too late to get involved!!

So whether you are a transfer student, first-time student, study abroad visitor, or even an individual who has been here for awhile but has just decided to get involved in some Panther activities, don't worry! The month of February has a lot of different fairs and events to spark your interest and give you the chance to grab an opportunity.

IN THE UNION: As the center of student life, the union is a great place to meet new friends and find out what is going on on campus.

Diversity Career Fair - February 5, 11-2 pm in the Wisconsin Room
Kickstart your professional development right on campus at this event that allows you to mingle and network with area professionals, employers and graduate schools so you can start to figure out post-graduation plans.
**If you are unable to make the career fair you can go to the Career Development Center (Mellencamp 128) for more advising or keep an eye out for their upcoming events throughout the semester.

Winter Involvement Fair - February 11, 11-2 pm in the Union Concourse
Student orgs will be gathering in the concourse to tell you all about their clubs, events, and leadership opportunities on campus and off.
**If you can't make it to this event, feel free to go to the third floor of the union and talk with the friendly staff in the Center for Student Involvement (Union 363).

Exploring Majors Fair - February 23, 10-2 pm in the Union Ballroom
This fair will give you an interactive experience where you can learn about all the different undergraduate and graduate paths UWM offers students, as well as career planning opportunities.
**If this date does not work with your schedule, call your academic advisor and set up an appointment to go in more depth about your future plan.

IN HOUSING: Creating that collegiate community in your residential community can be a great way to get involved

Panther's After Dark - Every Thursday night at 9:27pm
The kick off event this semester is with Mentalist Josh Spano in the Flicks, but other events include cooking classes, karaoke, glow zumba and more. Keep an eye out for these events because they are a great way to meet new people while having fun!

SHAC and Community Council's - Varying times every week
The Student Housing Administrative Council meets every Monday at 7:30pm for it's general body meetings and serve as a forum for all residents to talk about ideas for events and improvement in the halls as a whole. The Community Councils are more specific to your building. Both are great places to not only meet friends and share ideas, but also groups to get leadership experience!

Resident Assistant Events - Varying times throughout the semester
That awesome RA on your floor plans at least one event for you a semester so keep an eye out for posters on your doors and the doors of your friends. We've seen everything from scavenger hunts to mac and cheese days!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Newest Outreach Assistant! Becca =)

Hi my name is Becca and this semester I decided to try out a new job as a University Housing Outreach Assistant. 

I am in my second year here at UWM and I am a Marketing major in the Lubar School of Business. With hopes of getting into wedding planning.  When I am not in the office or hitting the books I am usually on Floor 3 of Sandburg South Tower working as a Resident Assistant. I am an RA for the Business Panthers Living Learning Community. I have found it really fun to be able to work with students that are in the same position I was in last year. 

In my free time I am usually at the Klotsche Center running or playing pick up basketball games. If I am not in the gym I am catching up on my TV shows on Netflix. I may or may not have a serious addiction to constantly watching One Tree Hill.  

I am from the suburbs of Chicago, but decided to come to Wisconsin to tour most of the colleges I was looking at. UW-Milwaukee was actually the first school I saw and in my eyes nothing could compare. When I first came to school here I knew one person. As scary as it was I had no idea it would be one of the best decisions I had ever made. My first year I was blessed with a great roommate, suitemates, and an entire floor that got along. 

The city of Milwaukee has so much to offer and in a city like this it is impossible to be bored.  Some of my favorite things to do is head down to Bradford Beach for a run, watch the Brewers get a win at Miller Park, or listen to concerts at local theaters.

The fact that I can say I am starting my fourth semester here at UWM is crazy. Everyone is right when they say your four years will fly by. So far I have had a great second year and can't wait to finish the year strong. 

If you have any questions about my experiences here at UWM or about University Housing, feel free to give me a shout out at


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter Welcome Events!

Hello panthers!

I hope you all had a wonderful winter break filled with Netflix binge watching and catching up with old friends, but winter break is coming to a close. Make sure you pack your backpack, check your schedule, and stock up on coffee because on January 26th your semester starts!

During your first week back (Jan. 26 - Feb. 1) we will have Winter Welcome Week! Make sure you visit the Winter Welcome Calendar to see all the free activities that will be available to our UWM students.  Here are a few of my personal favorite events going on next week!

Free Fun in the Union Recreation Center (Jan. 26th - Feb 1)

Looking for something fun to do without having to bare the freezing temperatures of Wisconsin? Come to the Union Recreation Center located in the Union for FREE bowling, billiards, ping pong, and video games. This is a great way to get to know your suite mates if you are joining us for your first semester at UWM or a great way to reconnect with your friends you haven't seen in a month!

Beyond the Wall Poster Sale (January 26- January 30th)

Start off the semester with a little redecorating by stopping at the Union Concourse to look at the amazing selection of posters of movies, musicians, celebrities, and much more! My personal favorites are posters of any movies directed by the talented Quentin Tarantino and inspirational Andy Warhol quotes.

 Panthers Men's Basketball Winterfest (January 29th 7pm)

Head down to support the Panthers Mens Basketball team against UIC at the UWM panther area! Doors open at 6pm, but shuttles to the arena will be available from Cambridge, Riverview, and Sandburg beginning at 5:30pm! Make sure to have your UWM student ID with you so you can get in for free and support our panthers from the student section. Keep an eye out for pounce and maybe you will get a picture with our mascot like I did with my wonderful sorority Alpha Omicron Pi

SHAC Snowball 2015

Enjoy our 2nd annual Snowball dance held at Kenilworth Art Building on the 6th floor brought to you by SHAC! Dance the night away with the DJ, visit the photo booth, and try out your luck at one of the casino tables. Also download Events at UWM app for free to be kept up to date with upcoming SHAC events.

Whichever events you decide to attend during Winter Welcome share your experience on twitter with us using #winterwelcome and #pantherpride. 

See you soon panthers!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm!

Hello my fellow panthers,

It's that time of the year again where Wisconsin likes to remind us how freezing it likes to get! While the snow can be beautiful, UWM's location next to Lake Michigan can make the weather a little ominous at times. Here are some tip and tricks to stay warm!

Take the Shuttle or B.O.S.S.!

If you live in either Cambridge Commons or RiverView and take the University Housing Shuttle to class, wait inside our warm lobbies in our residence halls so you don't freeze outside!! Also if you have a smart phone download our UWM mobile app to track our shuttles individual so you can see exactly how far away they are from you!

If you need to get somewhere off campus between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m., feel free to call Be On the Safe Side (B.O.S.S.) This free taxi like service for Panthers will take you anywhere with in a two mile radius of north and south campus.

Adjust the Heat in Your Suite!

In all of our residence halls you can adjust your heat in your rooms. If for some reason your heat is not working the way it needs to, fill out a work order. Our maintenance staff is friendly, fast, and efficient!

Grab some Hot Chocolate or Hot Apple Cider!

The Restor's across campus offer a 12 ounce cup of coffee for only $1.91 including tax! They also have a lot of options for other hot beverages, premade soups, and microwave goodies to keep your tongue and temperament warm.

Although the Grind in Sandburg is closed for the Winterim, the Student Union location is definitely open and another option for you to stop by and pick up a hot cup of coffee, cider or coco. Once semester starts on Jan. 26 all locations will be buzzing with people getting their caffeine fixes and warmy goodness.

Cozy Up in Your House Lounge!

Every house in University Housing has a common space lounge with comfy couches and TV where you, your friends, and those unknown housemates can curl up in blankets for duel bonding and staying warm time.

The Student Union's fireside lounge also offers a good daytime place for some R&R with the heat of a classic fireplace.

Hope this helps and your winter months can be comfortable despite the sometimes brutal nature of a Wisconsin Winter.

Valarie & Kenlei