Monday, June 6, 2016


Hey everyone - I'm Sabrina and I just recently starting working as an Outreach Assistant for University Housing. I have a long background with University Housing and wanted to give back more to incoming students. Some of the work I have done while living in Housing has been being the Events Coordinator (First Year) and President (Second year) to the Student Housing Administrative Council or SHAC. SHAC is similar to Student Government here on campus and we are established to serve and represent the resident population. We also work to encourage social/academic connections within the Residence Halls.

I am a proud student in the school of Education, with a major of Special Ed and a minor of American Sign Language or ASL. I have always wanted to be a teacher, and with recently becoming Deaf, I have decided to pursue a degree in Special Education. After graduation, the plan is to move to Arizona and teach at a Residential School for the Deaf.

I am excited to work for University Housing as an Outreach Assistant to help show how wonderful the Residence Halls at UW-Milwaukee are. I also hope to be a resource for all current and incoming students and their families.

Sabrina Waterfield

Being a proud UW-Milwaukee student, it is my goal to complete the UWM 56 Bucket List before I graduate. #4 - Get a picture with Pounce. This was taken at the University's Panther Pause - an event during study day to distress before finals.

#5 on the UWM Bucket List is to join one of our 300+ Student Organizations on campus and #21 is to grab a slice of pizza at Ian's Pizza downtown. This picture was taken during training with my fellow SHAC Executive Board. Ian's is a great place to grab a slice of pizza and relax with some friends. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Decode Your Room Assignment

It's happening! It's that time of year again...and you have your room assignment. It can be so exciting to see what building you are in and who you are living with. Did you pick an LLC? Are you living in Cambridge or RiverView? Or in one of the Towers of Sandburg? With all this does come some confusion. Here are some tips for figuring out what your assignment is and what it all means.

Step 1: Log onto your my housing webpage. ( This uses your ePantherID and Password. Once you are logged in scroll towards the bottom of the page to see your assignment.
This room is in blue as a hyper link that you can click on.

Step 2: Click on your room and another page will also pop up with your suitemates/roommates listed on the page as well. The person with the same letter at the end of their room assignment is your roommate. Everyone else is a suitemate.

If you are living in Cambridge Commons or Riverview you will see CC or RV as the letters. When you have a space in Sandburg your assignment will start with a letter that corresponds to a tower in the building. North- N, South- S, East-E, West-W.  In the example above, the assignment starts with an "E" so you'd be living in East Tower.

The next two numbers are the floor you live on. In this case the assignment is E1520D so you'd be living in East Tower on the 15th floor. The third and fourth numbers refer to the suite number you would live in. In some cases the suites have different layouts so you would want to look and see your layout. Finally, the last letter would be the room in the suite. In this case the "D" room.

Step 3: See if you are in your LLC! Depending on your floor check the list below to see if you got into that awesome LLC; or check out some of the suite layouts, measurements, and some more in depth info about your hall/tower!

Cambridge Commons LLCs-

  • Local to Global (L2G) CC329-CC342
  • Art & Design CC405-CC417
  • Architecture Sustainability 6th Floor
West Tower LLCs-
  • American Sign Language Floor 2
  • Music Community Floors 5&6 
  • Dance Foundations Floor 6 
  • Social Justice Floor 13
  • Honors House Floors 15&16
South Tower LLCs-
  • Business Panthers Floors 1-5
  • Engineering House Floors 9-11
  • Transfer Floors 17-20
North Tower LLCs-
  • Health Professions Floors 5&6
  • Education and Leadership Floor 22
  • The CQ: Career Quest Floors 23&24
Riverview LLCs-
  • Film,Video & New Genres Floor 7 
  • U1.0: I'm First RV201-RV206
East Tower LLCs-
  • Architecture Design Floor 16
  • Honors House 2 Floor 17
Please remember to be patient when working with myhousing and the UWM Housing website. There will be a lot of web traffic and some possible delays. Also keep in mind that not everyone finds out their assignments in the first wave but be patient -- it's coming! We are working hard to get your assignment to you. As usual, feel free to call us with any comments or questions.