Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Falling into fun: UW- Milwaukee Style!

Hello fellow Panthers!,

I don't know about you but fall is definitely my favorite time of the year! The leaves are falling, the cider is cooking, the pumpkins are ready to be picked! Many of you are probably looking for some fun fall activities to do in Milwaukee this fall, Look no further! I have made a list of twenty super fun activities for you to do right here in Milwaukee! Pull out those Upasses and go on an adventure with your new friends!

Places to visit:

1. The Milwaukee County Zoo has multiple free entry days coming up: November 1 and December 6
Otherwise tickets are about $9.00.

2. Milwaukee Art Museum has free admission on the first Thursday of every month, otherwise admission is only $12 with your student ID!

3. The Domes, 524 S. Layton Blvd $7 for admission. Weather not a problem, take a walk through these indoor gardens!

4. Check out this list of haunted sites all around the city! Use that UPass and get to know the city in a fun way! http://www.milwaukeeghosts.com/map.asp

5. Check out how the residents of BayView carve their pumpkins at this unique fall festival on October 17 and 18! Pull out the costume and enjoy bands and a hayride! More info at: http://www.bayviewneighborhood.org/pumpkinpavilion Located at Humboldt Park.

Food to try:

1. The Milwaukee Public Market is always a fun place to visit and get many fresh treats including cheese curds, chocolate, and many other yummy dishes. On October 19th they will be having a Harvest Festival featuring many Fall-centric activities and snacks!

2. Try out your spy skills at the Safe House, I'll give you the address but no more.... 779 N. Front St, Milwaukee

3. The Dogg Haus: In the mood for a cheaper snack with your friends? Check out the Dogg Haus for their Delicious variety of hot dogs! I personally recommend the Rome dog! It is also located right on N. Downer across from Mitchell and Curtin Halls!

4. Beans and Barley Market and Cafe 1901 E North Ave Milwaukee, Wi. This diner is located right down the street from our RiverView and Cambridge Residence Halls.

5. In the mood for a burger and fries? Try AJ Bombers, 1247 N Water Street, Enjoy some peanuts while you wait for a great burger and delicious fries!


1. Visit the #1 Haunted House in Milwaukee, Mars Haunted House! Admission per adult is $13 but if a group of 15+ go it is only $11 per person!

2. SHOPPING! Hit up Bayshore and buy some new jeans and sweaters before the chilly weather comes by!

3. Carve a pumpkin!

4. Try out the kitchen at the base of South Tower in Sandburg, on the second floor of RiverView or on any floor of Cambridge with a fun fall recipe! Simple Fall Desserts! Be sure to check out the kitchen keys from your service desk and leave the kitchens as clean as you found them!

5. Looking for that perfect costume? Check out this list of costume shops throughout Milwaukee!

Movies to watch:

1. Scariest Movies of 2014

2. Dates & Times of Disney's Classic Halloween Movies 2014

3. 31 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

4.15 Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies

5. RedBox Movie Selection List

Well Guys, I know what I'll be doing the rest of the month! If you have any other recommendations of fun things to do around town, comment below!

Happy Fall!!,

Katie McNamara
Outreach Assistant