Thursday, August 23, 2012

Your Golden Ticket in the Res Halls

Does this card look familiar?
At NSO, all students are given their student ID.  There are two things every resident needs with them at all times; their keys and student ID.  Your student ID will be more important to you than your debit card or license while you are on campus.  

You will use your student ID for:
  • Getting into the Res Halls.
  • Paying for laundry.
  • Making purchases at the Union or Service Desks.
  • Buying food with your meal plan.
  • Verifying your identity when speaking with campus staff.
  • Making appointments with campus staff. 
  • Checking in during Fall move-in!  
Your ID has two different accounts linked to it;  your Gold Account and Meal Plan.
Your Meal Plan works at all restaurant operations locations on campus.  That includes Cambridge, RiverView, and Sandburg Cafeterias, Gasthaus and all other restaurants in the Union, as well as all Grinds, Restors, and other convenience stores on campus. 

Your Gold Account is used for paying for laundry, and making other miscellaneous purchases around campus.  

It is a completely separate account from your meal plan.  On your PAWs account, you were charged for your room and meal plan, not your gold account.  You can add money onto your account one of two ways:

  • Online
Register online to access your Manage My ID account.  You can add money onto your Gold Account and Meal Plan on this site with a debit or credit card.  You can also keep track of all of your spending.  Not to mention, other people can create their own log in and add money onto your account when needed!  (Thanks Mom & Dad!)
  • Cash Machines in the Laundry Rooms
 If you don't want to use your debit or credit card, or only want to add a few bucks onto your account, you can use the cash machines located in the laundry rooms of all University Housing buildings.  

Still have questions about your Gold Account?  Talk to us on Facebook  or Twitter.

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