Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stop Stressing Out

Let's talk about Finals...

Wanting to rip your hair out?  Can’t drag yourself out of bed?  Feeling the urge to cry for no reason?  Don’t fret, you’re not alone.  All of these and many more feelings occur at this time of year due to stress.  You have already made it this far, now it is time for one last push and you’ll have completed the semester.
Need some help?

First identify what kind of person you are, and be honest with yourself…you don’t want to grow a Pinocchio nose.
1.                     Procrastinator- At one point or another, we all have been here with a deadline at midnight and the project started at 11:30 PM.  If you are procrastinating, lock yourself away from social gatherings, Internet, and any other distractions.  Take time to focus on just your schoolwork.  As you complete each assignment on your list you’ll start to feel better and better.  Ask a friend to stop by and check on you in an hour to make sure you hold yourself responsible and stay on task.  And DON’T let them become another distraction. This is crunch time.
2.                    Physical Exhaustion- do you find yourself falling asleep in class, feeling kind of sick, or just not at 100%?  Then your body is trying to tell you something.  Take it easy!  Treat yourself to a night of caring for your body.  Eat a good, healthy dinner and enjoy your night.  Maybe take a nice, long, hot shower, read your favorite book, or watch your favorite movie.  Whatever you do don’t stay up late!!  Most importantly give your body some well-needed rest.  You’ll wake up the next morning feeling good and ready to conquer the rest of the semester.
3.                   Mental Exhaustion- Have you been working hard on studying and papers and homework?  Maybe too hard?  If you feel like your brain is so fried you have to think about what your own name is, take a break.  Spend a couple hours catching up with a friend, chilling on the couch and watching some television, or releasing energy through shooting some hoops.  After a few hours of freedom your brain will be happy, and you will be able to get back to work.

Remember all the work you have already done and how far you’ve already gone.  Don’t give up now!  Finish the semester strong!

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