Monday, February 3, 2014

Live Laugh Love-Live Learn Lead

As you starting thinking about where you want to live next year while filling out your housing contract, you will find a lot of options available to you.  Do you want a single or a double?  Cambridge or Sandburg?  Kitchen or not?  You should also be thinking about LLCs!  What is an LLC you ask, well I am so glad you did.  LLC stands for living learning communities.  They are an opportunity for first year students to live with people who they share a common interest or major with.  All LLC students will take a class together that will put them one step closer to graduating, and their resident assistant (who also has life experience with the shared interest or major) will plan fun events around the selected interest or major.  What options are there??  LOTS!
Last year I was a resident assistant in our beloved RiverView residence hall, and the resident assistant for the Dance Foundations LLC.  Some of our events including watching Milwaukee Ballet and local Wildspace company perform.  The neat thing about Wildspace's performance is the company is sight spcific; meaning their dances are created for a specific area and can only be performed there.  The show we saw was performed in a parking structure.  The students recieve this and much more all at no extra cost to them.
In addition to the Dance Foundation LLC next year we will also offer, Social Welfare, Health Professions, Education and Leadership, and many more.  The best way to learn more about these LLCs is to visit our LLC website.  It will describe the Living Learning Community to you, tell you what class goes with the LLC, and where the LLC is located.  If you are curious about how past LLCs have worked and what events they have done, you can visit UWM's LLC Blog.
Overall LLCs are a great opportunity to make new friends and connect with other students they will most likely later on have classes with.  Even if you don't select an LLC on your contract, you can still add an LLC at any point, as long as it doesn't fill up!  Last of all if you are unsure about what major you want, joining an LLC is a great way to get a taste of something to see if you like it.  And of course Living Learning Communities help you to Live, Learn, Lead!

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