Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Residence Hall Recap: RiverView

RiverView is one of the newest residence halls available for first-year students. It is located on North Avenue, just down the street from Cambridge Commons and across the street from Pick N’ Save. RiverView opened in 2008 and 90-95% of RiverView is first-year students (but is open to students of all stages of their college careers).

On the main floor (floor three) is a large lounge with a television, computers, a ping pong table, and the “Restor”. The Restor is the convenience store where you can buy chips, candy, soda, and even pints of Ben and Jerry's! On the lower floor of RiverView (floor two) there are two classrooms, a cafeteria, workout facility, and laundry room. Outside of the cafeteria is a large patio with picnic tables, so its a great place to hang out when the weather is beautiful. The cafeteria also will hold themed dinners and cookouts throughout the year.

On each floor there are two lounges available. We have a social lounge which includes chairs, a flat-screen television, and a microwave for community use. We also have a study lounge located on each floor with internet hook ups so it is perfect option to bring in your computer and have a quiet place to study.

RiverView and Cambridge Commons are very similar in the suite set up. Each suite holds four residents (two in each room). Each suite has a bathroom, vanity with sink, and a walk-through closet leading into each room. The vanities are outside of the bathroom, which makes sharing a bathroom with others much easier. Also when decorating your room, we suggest to use push pins and staples to attach your decorations to the walls of your room.

Because RiverView is the smallest residence hall, you will be seeing more friendly faces from day to day and have more of a tight knit community. We hope that you had a wonderful stay at RiverView and if you are a first year student we hope you love RiverView as much as we do!


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