Monday, May 2, 2016

Fun in the Sun...but First, Finals

    May is hard month for some of our students. As finals get closer and the school year starts to wrap up, many students find it becomes hard to focus. Luckily both on campus and in housing we have some awesome upcoming events and study tips. Here are some of my personal study tips to help make it through finals week;

1) Try to eat healthy as much as possible
It can be easy to grab junk food but sticking to small treats and healthier foods helps your brain and body work with you to study. 

2) Take smaller breaks and get away from the books
Finals do mean a lot in college but you also need to take time to let some of that information sink in. Take a quick power nap, a walk or just take a social media break. 

3) Sleep. 
Get some rest and make sure you let your body recharge. Starting fresh and ready before studying and a final is never a bad idea. 

We also have some fun events like our campus relaxation event that happens every year with oxygen bars, massage chairs and more. Here in housing we have a Spa Night event and lots of other events throughout the building. Keep an eye out for those coming soon.

Good Luck ,

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