Tuesday, June 13, 2017

8 Things to Enjoy This Summer in Milwaukee

Most students go home during the summer between Freshman and Sophomore year. Because I love Milwaukee, and this job, I decided to stick around instead of going home like everyone else. Milwaukee has lots of fun things to do throughout the summer, so here are a few things I'll be doing during my time off! If you're in town for new student orientation or a campus tour, check some of these things out during your downtime.

1.) Summerfest
if you haven't heard of Summerfest, you're missing out! This huge festival has music from all genres. The tickets are fairly affordable, so I'll be going to a few different days. My favorites on the lineup are, A Day To Remember, DNCE, Bleachers, Jon Bellion, and PVIRS.
Brewers game with friehds

2.) Brewers Games 
Are you really a Wisconsinite if you don't love the Brewers? Living a 15 minute drive away from Miller Park is great, and the tickets are fairly cheap, so I'll be sure to see as many Brewers games as possible!

3.) Rooftop Dinners
Since Wisconsin only has a few fleeting months of warmth, I highly suggest taking advantage of the many outdoor dining spaces in Milwaukee. My personal favorite is Benelux, located in the Historic Third Ward. Saturday night dinner with a view of the city? I'll be there!

4.) Beaches
With to beaches nearby, you can catch me having a picnic with friends by the water fairly often. There's a Colectivo Coffee shop right across the street from Bradford Beach, so smoothies and sandy feet are to be expected all summer long. Lake life is the good life!
Beach day with freshman year roommates

5.) NEWaukee Night Market
NEWaukee is the epitome of Milwaukee culture. This is a free market with food, live music, art, and plenty more! This event happens four times throughout the summer, I'll catch at least one, you should too!

6.) Wisconsin State Fair
Confession: I've never been to the state fair. Sounds like a crime, right? Well this year that'll change! Since the state fair grounds are so close by, I'll definitely be going to so bands like For King & Country or Pentatonix!

7.) Mitchell Park Domes
Ever wonder what those three weird domes are when you're driving into the city? Turns out, they're the Mitchell Park Domes that hold some crazy plant life! It's a cheap date idea, entertain the parents idea, or just a fun outing with friends!

8.) Discovery World
Confession #2: I've never been to Discovery World. I hear so many good things about how much fun it is to explore the exhibits, so I have to go check it out myself! I'm sure it'll be a good adventure for a day off.

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