Friday, November 22, 2013

I promise I've been good this year


Let’s be real, I’m getting old. In just one short year I’ll be a high school grad and livin’ it up in college! With the holiday season approaching, I've been thinking a lot about what to ask for this year. I want to continue my life long tradition and ask for the newest video games and the other “cool” stuff I fantasize about having with my friends. But this year something is different. This year I want to set myself up for a great year away at college. I know that I’m going to need a lot of stuff that I won’t be able to afford myself, but maybe if I asked for a few of those things now it will make the transition into college a bit easier for both of us!

I’ve been talking to my friends that went to college this year and compiling a list of the things they think have helped them out the most. From my research, I've gathered that I need to be able to stay entertained in my room when there is nothing going on, I should have ample storage for all my belongings as well as my food and drinks I want to keep in my room, and I guess I should make sure I have everything I need to set myself up for academic success as well. Browsing through the University Housing website I found this list of Items to Bring that looks like a really good outline for what to bring and what not to bring. Just to make it easier for you, I also created a wishlist of my own. I know it looks long, I just want to be sure I’m as comfortable as possible!

-Mini Fridge
-Video game(s)/Console
-Gift cards for nearby restaurants
-Shower caddy/Other toiletry related items
-Room decorations
-Organizers for all my stuff!
-Sporting Equipment
-Board games
-Alarm clock
-Wireless Router
-Cleaning supplies
-Minimal dishes for in my room

Hopefully these lists give you some guidance in your holiday shopping! 

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