Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sex Week wins Program of the Year!

    On February 21st, WURHA awarded UW-Milwaukee with Program of the Year for Sex Week! Among this award UWM won Best Small School Banner and Tyler Sonnenberg won Advisor of the Year! Sex week took place from November 11- November 14 2013 and was hosted by Student Housing Administrative Council (SHAC). SHAC hosted sex week in the past and it became so successful that is now an annual event. It focused on 4 days full of events including Good Vibrations, Birds & The Bees Trivia Night, Sex in the Dark, and Condom Olympics & Self Defense. Sex week was created to educate students in a less formal setting where they could feel comfortable talking about sex.

    Sex Week is arguably one of SHAC's most talked about events including the famous "I Am A Sex Panther"shirts that were given out to students who attended the events. Not only were students excited about the events, but were also surprised on how much information they gained without even knowing it. One student even stated after attending Sex in the Dark, “I had so much fun, I cannot believe that I was learning for two hours".

    Jessica Sime, this years event coordinator, made Sex Week the most popular one yet! With her help and the help of many volunteers, Sex Week was a major success. “All in all, I am very proud of Sex Week," said Sime. "It made me excited and more confident in my ability as a coordinator and manager." SHAC's purpose of this event is to open dialogue between students, collaborate across campus, and to create unique and fun ways to educate. Sex Week accomplished all of SHAC's goals along with creating a special event for UWM students to enjoy! Make sure to check out Sex Week next year in the fall.

Great Job Sex Panthers!


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