Friday, May 16, 2014

New Students!!

Incoming Panthers!

First of all I want to extend a big congratulations to all of you on your acceptance to UW-Milwaukee! We can't wait to have you join us on campus. In fact, we aren't even going to wait all summer! Before you begin your collegiate journey, all incoming freshman are required to attend New Student Orientation.

NSO is a two-day, overnight glimpse into the coming year where you will become familiar with campus, register for classes, be introduced to the multitude of involvement opportunities available and so much more! In addition, you will all spend the night at RiverView Residence Hall where you'll get to experience first hand the residence hall lifestyle as well as meet other incoming Panthers!

Before you're able to register for your NSO the following tasks must be completed:

1. Pay at least $100 towards the $235 New Freshman Fee (either before or after taking the placement test)

2. Take Placement Tests - Register for testing here

3. Submit the University Housing Contract or an Exemption Form

4. Pay the $100 housing deposit (only if you completed a housing contract)

Once all of these steps are completed you will receive an e-mail invitation to register for your New Student Orientation! Parents are encouraged to accompany incoming students to NSO so make sure you coordinate schedules with them! There will be a lot of information delivered to you quickly and parents are great for helping remember and understand everything happening during this exciting process. There will also be special informational sessions for parents throughout the day. Parents are not required to stay overnight, but there is space available in Kenilworth at a cost of $40 per person per night which can be reserved during registration. Several hotels are also close-by if they prefer.

By completing all necessary steps to register for NSO and registering you will be all ready to come learn more about what it means to be a Panther! I would like to leave you with one tip though; most first year students take a lot of the same classes so they tend to fill up very quickly. The earlier New Student Orientation session you attend the more options you will have when selecting classes and setting up your schedule exactly how you want it!

Have a great start to your summer and I'll see you soon!


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