Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Move In!

We posted the first round of assigned move-in times to your MyHousing accounts today! (this only applies to incoming first-year students). With the high volume of students moving in, this is important information to know because each resident will be getting a specific time slot when they will be allowed to be in the parking garage to move their items into their room. When you arrive in the parking garage at your assigned time, there will be a multitude of housing employees and volunteers around to help make moving in as easy as possible. To prepare yourself for move in day, pack in a manner that will allow you to stack your belongings vertically on our carts. These carts will be available for your use, so then we can plasticwrap everything together so you can move your items in to your room in as few trips as possible!

Before you get all your items loaded into your vehicle, make sure to take a look at the list of What to Bring to make sure that you aren't packing any prohibited items! Also you can use this list as a checklist and make sure you have everything you need packed up and ready to go! It is also a good idea to read through the Move-in Guide so you know the ins and outs of moving into your new residence hall room! The guide is accessible via the link and each resident will receive a hard copy in the mail around the middle of July.

If you are already familiar with the Guest Pass system you may be wondering if your parents/helpers will need to be swiped in with you every time you bring another load up to your rooms. The answer is no. Due to the high volume during move-in hours, this is the one time where you will not need to swipe in to get past security. Once move-in is completed for the day (about 7 PM), guests will need to have their passes and be swiped in.

Once you are all settled in go check out all of the fun-filled Fall Welcome Events and meet some of your fellow Panthers before classes begin! Hint: if you do you will be rewarded with free food and Panthers swag!

If you have any questions regarding move-in please direct them to the University Housing office via phone (414) 229-4065 or e-mail

Have a great rest of the summer!


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