Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hey there! I'm Rachel

My roommates and I after a messy twister game <3
Hey everyone, my name is Rachel Knibbs, and I just started my sophomore year here at UWM! I’m a new Outreach Assistant starting this semester, and so far my favorite part is meeting and talking with the (hopefully) future Panthers while giving them tours. I love seeing the enthusiasm some families have for their student finally getting ready to experience college.

Originally I lived in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, but my mom decided she wanted to live closer to her family. We moved to Sparta, Wisconsin, and I’m proud to say I’ve been a Spartan ever since (and yes we did have a Spartan statue outside our high school). My plan for about seven years was to major in psychology and eventually get my doctorate, but I changed my mind while applying for schools to sonography which lead me to UWM. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the last time I changed my mind about my major; I switched it to Biomedical Sciences in order to pursue the Pre-Physician Assistant track, then to Global Studies, and finally to Occupational Therapy. I think I’ve finally found something I want to stick with, and I’ve also decided to go back to my original plan by getting a psychology minor as well. Fun fact: everyone in my household is currently going to college. My older brother, after he finished his service in the Navy, decided he wanted to become a history teacher, my mom is going back to school for Nursing, and I’m going for Occupational Therapy.

Someone was kind enough to bake me a cake
for my birthday shift in Cambridge
While trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life my first year, I was also working at the Cambridge Commons Service Desk. Working security helped me build my confidence, conflict skills, and taught me how to work under pressure. Security also gave me an understanding of all University Housing responsibilities while also teaching me all the great resources we have here on campus. Every now and then I find myself missing the job and the great people worked with, but I’m excited to see where being an Outreach Assistant takes me! If you see me around campus, feel free to say hi!

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