Thursday, May 4, 2017

Move-Out Tips

Hi Panthers!

My name is Jessica, and I’m a sophomore here at UWM. It’s almost time to move out again! After we get through finals, of course. The end of spring semester can be a little crazy, but I’ve been through it before. Here’s a few tips for anyone who doesn’t know what to expect.

Quick Move-Out Tips: 

  • Don’t leave your cleaning until the last minute. If you are moving out after a final, give yourself some time to clean and stay organized. 
  • If you have a lot of trash, don’t leave it until the day you move out. With everyone cleaning at the same time, trash gets backed up and the last thing you want to be stuck with are multiple garbage bags coming home with you. 
  • Don’t throw away your gently used items. Things like clothes or room décor can be donated to Goodwill. 
  • Don’t schedule your move out time right after your last final. You’ll already be stressed, so give yourself a breather between that test and moving home. 
  • Collaborate with your suitemates about cleaning common areas. Make sure you don’t get stuck with everyone else’s mess. 
  • Remember, the latest you can move out is 24 hours after your last final. Schedule your move out time with your RA sooner rather than later so you get a time that’s convenient to you. 
  • Make sure housing has your forwarding address. Otherwise you might not get your packages when you need them. 

Have a great summer break, Panthers!

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