Thursday, May 11, 2017

UPASS Summer Use

Are you staying in Milwaukee for the summer? If so, here's what you need to know about your UPASS.

Students paying for summer courses + segregated fees will automatically have their UPASS stay activated through August 20th. Online classes don't count, unless it specifically says you're paying the additional fees. You can see this on your PAWS account.

If you're not taking a summer class, your UPASS will deactivate on May 20th. If you would like to keep it activated, you need to visit UWM Transportation Services, located in the UWM Student Union WG25. You will need to pay segregated fees of $22.55 in order to keep your UPASS activated.

So bottom line is, this option is to cover the summer gap. If you were here as a student Spring 2017 and are going to be here as a student Fall 2017, this is for you. If you weren't a student this past semester, or don't plan on being a student this fall, other options are available through MCTS.

Have your summer UPASS figured out? Here are some options you can check out this summer.

Baseball fans: Miller Park is just a bus ride away. Hop on the Goldline at Maryland and Newport, stop #4371 and ride until Wisconsin and N45, stop #492. Then it's a short walk to the stadium. Don't feel like taking the walk? Check out the Brewers Line, available at 20 different Milwaukee stops. There are also routes available from the Blueline or Route 23.

Check out the Milwaukee Public Market. Get on the Greenline at Oakland and Hartford #1400, and get off at Water and St. Paul, #635 and you're right there. If you love food, this is the place to be.

Have you visited the Milwaukee Art Museum yet? The Goldline at Maryland and Newport, stop #4371 takes you down to Prospect and Mason, #4391. A four minute walk then gets you straight to the museum. Admission is free the first Thursday of every month.

Check out Visit Milwaukee for more ideas.

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