Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet the Outreach Assistants

 Hey All!  We are the Outreach Assistants in University Housing at UWM.  Our jobs are to answer your questions, give tours, work at New Student Orientation, and update all the social media in Housing.  Please ask us any questions that you might have about anything related to University Housing, UWM, and life in Milwaukee. If we don’t have the answer to your question, we probably know someone who does.  Can’t wait to see you at Orientation!

Connie Nimmo

Watertown, WI

Hi!  My name is Connie.  This fall, I will start my third year at UWM. I am a Linguistics major in the College of Letters and Sciences. I chose UWM because it is one of only two UW-system schools that has a Linguistics program.  I love studying language and traveling.  I aspire to travel the world.  This is also my third year working for University Housing. I began in August 2010 as security in University Housing's newest building, Cambridge Commons, where I lived. A semester later, I was hired to be a Resident Assistant in RiverView Residence Hall. Although I love traveling the world, the east side of Milwaukee is easily my favorite place to explore. Even after two years of living in Milwaukee, I still have a lot to see.  I've been working for University Housing in Outreach since 2010. I’m excited about this summer, especially New Student Orientation.  UWM and University Housing has some new and exciting changes from years past.  I was one of the first residents to write for the Life @ UWM Blog and am very excited to continue.  Chat with me on Facebook!  Make sure you check out Zachery and Leya's blog posts, too!

Leya Ruchti

McFarland, WI

Hello. My name is Leya (yes, like the princess from Star Wars). I am a senior with one year to go! Don’t believe the lie that you can’t get it done in four years. I am a Communication major with an emphasis on Health Communication. My first year at UWM I lived in Riverview, was part of the Visual Arts LLC (Living Learning Community) and worked in Sandburg for the Program Services Office. For the past two years I have lived off-campus but have continued to work for University Housing. My past job as an Event Assistant was a lot of making copies, crafts, office tasks, and large-scale event programming. I have DJ-ed dance parties, karaoke, and played movies in the Sandburg movie theater. Now I work as an Outreach Assistant for University Housing and get to spend my days blogging, giving tours, and stuffing envelopes. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences at UWM, in University Housing, and just my life in Milwaukee. If you have any questions or blog topic ideas, please do not hesitate to comment. If you would like to contact me via facebook here is my page. May the force be with you.

Zachery Holder
Verona, WI

My name is Zachery. I am a soon to be alumnus of UWM,   graduating with a BFA in Film.  I have been a part of the Residence Halls the past 4 years. The first year I lived in the Residence Halls, I was a first year student in Sandburg.  The following three years I was a student employee working as a Resident Assistant, Paint Crew, Program Specialist, and  Outreach Assistant. I also had the opportunity to be President of our NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary) Panther Chapter. I have lived in 4 different halls including traditional Sandburg Towers, East Tower, and Purin Hall! I have loved my experience here at UWM and in University Housing. I get to share all my experiences, stories, and favorites here for the summer and I have plenty of them to go around so enjoy it!

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