Thursday, May 24, 2012

LLCs and Communities

Summer is here, meaning a brand new school year is just around the corner. We just wanted to share some of our favorite things about living on-campus in University Housing. Throughout the summer we will be giving you “Things We Love About Housing!” One of my favorite things are the communities throughout the Residence Halls: whether you are in what we call Living Learning Communities (LLC) or not, one of our favorites things is building communities.

You are probably wondering what a Living Learning Community is? It is the chance for you to connect with people who share a similar major or interest. LLCs range from Business to Engineering or from Community Leadership to Creating Your Future, not to mention we have a LLC for countless forms of art including my favorite the Film, Video, and New Genres LLC. 

AS a member of an LLC, you can be a part of events and the conversations that are centered around that similar interest.  You don’t have to figure out what to talk about because you already have a starting point. Having lived in two LLCs, I know first-hand this really helps students make friends. My Film LLC started making videos together before they even stepped foot into a classroom and had already planned out a movie night the first night of move-in. 

(Film, Video, New Genres LLC '11) 

Living in a LLC gives you a lot of great opportunities to not only get connected to those who you live with but also to your academics. The LLC takes a class together with a professor who is connected to the program as well as a mentor, and you can’t forget your RA.  These are all great people who are a lot of help to make sure you are successful. The classes sizes are smaller and you can get direct guidance from your professor which is great when transitioning into that university classroom setting.  
Now, maybe an LLC isn’t right for you or the one you wanted was too full. Don’t worry because you will feel connected to any community you are in. Each community has a Resident Assistant that works to make sure you feel at home whether that comes by offering you advice, answering questions, planning events or just hanging out. There is a RA in every community so whether your community is 34 or 72 you always have someone to go to.  
Our communities are all suite style in short that means you have a semi-private bathroom so no fear you don’t have to walk down a hall in just a towel or be showing with several other people. Depending where you live in Sandburg you can be sharing that bathroom with up to five people where RiverView and Cambridge Commons you only have to share it with three. The downside of it all is you have to learn how to clean your own bathroom, something my suitemates took a little while to learn how to do. So while you are preparing to go school shopping add some toilet paper to the list because you do not want to be the one in the suite no one likes because they don’t buy any toilet paper, trust me its true. 
Now each building is set up a little different so be sure to check out them all and don’t just take someone's word on which is better, make that call for yourself. One thing each community does have however is the lounge. The ultimate hangout place in your community, that's how I made all my friends by going out and watching TV in the lounge. Its a great place to watch a movie, catch your favorite TV show, or even get some homework done with some group study sessions. Who are we kidding -- that’s what the study lounge is for -- hangout sessions.  This is also the prime location your RA will be hosting events just for your community, so take advantage of the learning opportunity, free food, free things, and most importantly the new friends! 
All the opportunities are out there for you to get connected and feel at home. Everyone here in University Housing works hard to give you the tools you need to be successful. Its really up to you to put yourself out there and take advantage of all that there is to be offered. That may mean taking the step and signing up for a LLC or maybe its making sure you try to get to know your RA, maybe its more simple like watching TV in your lounge. Whatever you are most comfortable with do it because getting involved in the community is what truly sets you up for success! 

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