Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Res Hall Recap: RiverView


RiverView is one of the newest residence halls available for first-year students. It is located on North Avenue, just down the street from Cambridge Commons and across the street from Pick N’ Save. RiverView opened in 2008 and houses mostly first-year students (but is open to students of all stages of their college careers).

RiverView and Cambridge Commons are very similar in their suite set up. Each suite holds four residents (two in each room). Each suite has a bathroom, vanity with sink, and a walk-through closet leading into each room. The vanities are outside of the bathroom, which makes sharing a bathroom with others much easier. 

On each floor there are two lounges with chairs, a flat-screen television and a microwave for community use. There are also two study lounges on each floor. These rooms have internet hook ups and are perfect for study sessions. 

On the main floor (floor three) is a large lounge with a television, computers, a ping pong table, a work out facility, and the “C-Store”. The C-Store is the convenience store that is very similar to the Emporium located in Sandburg. You can buy any sort of junk food, candy, and drinks in the C-Store. On the lower floor of RiverView (floor two) are two classrooms, cafeteria, and laundry room. Outside of the cafeteria is a large patio with picnic tables. The cafe will hold themed dinners and cookouts when the weather is nice.

Because RiverView is the smallest residence hall, it is much quieter than the other two. When I first attended UWM, I lived in RiverView and it was a perfect match for me. By the end of the year I was able to recognize most of the people who lived in RiverView with me. I still see people around campus that I talked to a couple times on the shuttle and there is still a sense of community that I share with them.

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