Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello, My Name is Katie and I'm an Outreach Assistant!

Hi there everyone, I am Katherine the newest Outreach Assistant for University Housing, but you all can call me Katie! Facts about me: I am a Sophomore here at UWM. I am majoring in Communications with a minor in Political Science and am also working on my Honors College degree. As you can tell, I like to keep myself busy! But, I am also a pretty fun person. Some FUN facts about me include: I LOVE Laffy Taffy jokes. I was a foreign exchange student in high school.  I am a Bears and Cubs fan (and always will be!) My favorite TV show is the Office. You can frequently catch me singing (off key) to many musical soundtracks.

Now that you have a little bit of an idea about who I am, I will tell you a bit about my experience thus far in college. I was born in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois and moved to the small town of Iola, Wisconsin during my Middle School years. As I graduated high school I did not have a very realistic idea of who I wanted to be when I grew up. Confession time. UWM is not the first college that I attended. Out of high school I began my very short journey at DePaul University and quickly decided that it was not the place for me. After leaving DePaul I had a slightly tighter grasp on what I wanted college to be for me. There were two things that I was sure of: One. I wanted to continue living in Wisconsin. Two. I wanted to live in a big city. Milwaukee popped into my head and it never left. After an excellent Campus and Housing tour of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I was hooked! The diverse student population, established Communication program and endless activities that UWM has to offer drew me in hook, line, and sinker.

So, I packed my bags of endless pairs of shoes and headed off to Riverview Residence hall. A plus about our South Campus Residence Halls is that they have WALK THROUGH CLOSETS! I repeat my friends, WALK THROUGH CLOSETS!! Living in Riverview was a great experience because it truly is a small community. It is our smallest residence hall and the people that live there have a special connection. For example, the guy who served my strawberry sprinkled waffle every Sunday morning knew me by name (and waffle).  In addition, the Kenwood Campus is a short shuttle ride away. Another perk for my Riverview and Cambridge Commons friends is Chubby’s Doughnuts. Chubby’s is an off campus restaurant located on North Avenue that sells little circles of amazing doughy goodness. I highly recommend trying them on your next trip over to UWM’s lovely South Campus.

This year I am a resident in the East Tower of Sandburg Residence Halls. I like to think that I can cook so the full kitchen was a big draw for me when I was Self- Assigning my room for my Sophomore year. I’ll keep you guys updated on my journey as a Sandburg Resident as this year progresses!

Can’t wait to continue my journey at UWM as an Outreach Assistant, if you have any questions about my experience here or about University Housing please feel free to contact me at ! See you around Panthers!! (:

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