Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hey, its Keara!

Who's excited to be one of the new UWM Housing Outreach Assistants?? I definitely am! My name is Keara (Pronounced like my girl Shakira but without the Sha).

I have so much Panther Pride that I not only love to show off housing as an Outreach Assistant but I am also currently a Campus Ambassador. That basically means I am a tour guide for the whole UWM campus. I love my jobs! I get to help perceptive students understand how fantastic UWM really is. Now by having both jobs I get to be extra #patherproud to our #futureuwmpanthers!!

A little about what I'm studying! I am a sophomore studying Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies-emphasis in Advertising, and also Art and Design Photography. What I hope to do with this degree is become a commercial or fashion/editorial photographer. I love being behind a camera and the world of advertising is beyond interesting to me! I hope to study abroad next year to Paris, France or Florence, Italy and be immersed in the art and fashion culture there!

Speaking of traveling...FUN FACT! I have been to 47 states (I just need Alaska, Texas and Idaho and then I'll be at the big 5 0!) I love to travel, its a big passion of mine. Another passion of mine is FOOD. Some things I miss about Sandburg is Waffle Weekends and Chinese days in the cafeteria, not to mention the chicken ceasar wrap and milkshakes at palms(slowly dying of nostalgia). I also love to be outdoors and recently have started to like working out...I know, it's as unfortunate as it sounds. I also am attempting to learn guitar. But most importantly, my favorite animal is a kangaroo but my spirit animal is an otter.

I cannot wait to get started with my Outreach Assistant job! College is all about getting involved and trying new experiences and this is one that I'm eager to jump into head first! If you have any questions for me email me at!


 Me and my friends at PantherFest!

 Me Adventuring with my camera in Milwaukee!

Me at my Campus Ambassador job at a Meet Milwaukee event for Perspective Students!

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