Thursday, February 18, 2016

Its time to Geek! It's Geek Week!!!

This has to be one of my absolute favorite times of year. Not only because mother nature begins to give us a glimpse of the joys of spring, but because its the time of year that I get to showcase my geek pride! Geek Week officailly begins today (February 18th) and goes until February 26th.  Some oppertunities you have this week include:

 Having a chance to compete against Chancellor Mark Mone in Trivia (Qualifiers are tonight (February 18th) in the Gasthaus at 8pm. The Final is on February 25th at noon in the Union Concourse.

A night full of video games on February 19th in the 8th note at 12pm to 8am

A cosplay masquerade happing on February 20th at 8pm with a DJ and a cosplay contest! It's all happening in the Union Wisconsin Room.

An anodizing workshop by the Arts and Crafts studio where you can perminatly dye metal! It's February 22nd at 12pm

And of course my all time favorite is doing the photo op on February 22nd at 2pm where you recieve your very own geek week bow tie in the Daniel M. Soref Learning Commons in the Library.

This is sure to be a week full of fun and adventure including Laser Tag, Lego Fest, and LeVar Burton. For a full list of events and details go to

I look forward to seeing everyone's geek week pride on campus!


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