Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feeling Homesick

Now that we just passed the halfway mark for fall semester, and with Thanksgiving and winter break on the verge, it’s easy to start getting a little bit homesick. All of the shiny feel good things associated with starting a new year at college are starting to wear off, and the workload is becoming more apparent. It gets dark by 6 p.m. and it's starting to get cold outside. All of these things have made me want to hop on a bus and go home for a weekend.

For freshman students on campus, it may be the longest time ever spent away from home. On the other hand, maybe you go home every Thursday night after your last class and come back every Monday morning, having never spent a weekend apart from your family this whole semester.

If you’re a transfer student like me, there is a lot of adjusting to do because unlike being a first year freshman that is just adjusting to leaving home, we also have to adjust to another college, for the second, or in my case third, time.

Returning students may have gotten used to being away from home, but that also means that they have been here for even longer and probably miss their families too.

I found a video of Conan O'Brien on Youtube helping students with advice on how to overcome homesickness. I wouldn’t recommend trying this though.

If you are having trouble with being homesick, and constantly going to visit home, I would recommend that you spend MORE time on campus.The more you are here, the easier it is to get used to your surroundings and get involved.

One thing that has kept me motivated to be here is the promise of a new semester right around the corner. Spring classes have been posted on PAWS and I have already picked out all of the ones that I want to take next semester. I am pretty excited because I can finally take all of the upper level journalism and political science classes that I have been waiting for.

Don't let me fool you though, I'm still counting down the days to Thanksgiving and winter break.

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