Saturday, November 27, 2010

"I'm a poor college kid."

Hi all!

Hope everyone had a wonderful break. Mine was nice. I actually got to go stay at my grandparents' house, which I haven't been able to do in a long time. My best friend stayed overnight, and I got to go shopping and to the movies with my mom. While my friends all went out to see Harry Potter at midnight on opening night, I stayed in my room, a little bit jealous that I had to wait until break to see it with my mother. We go see Harry Potter together every year, and I wasn't going to change that this year. I could've gone and seen it more than once, but afterall, I'm just a poor college kid, right?
I feel a little bad though because every time I come home, I feel like I need something for school, and then my mom or grandparents end up spending an insane amount of money on me.
And of course, there's Black Friday shopping - where my mom, again, spent an insane amount of money on me. But, after spending 3 months being pretty frugal with my money, I feel like I deserved it.
5 days home was nice, but it feels nice to be back in Milwaukee. Every time I go home I get bored out of my mind. Basically, all there is to do here is watch all the TV shows I've DVR'd, and bug my cat, and that gets old pretty quickly.

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