Thursday, November 4, 2010

My typical Day...

I am finding myself extremely busy! Here's an example of my usual day.

8:15- Alarm goes off and I run around packing books, throwing together a lunch and getting ready.
8:30- Downstairs waiting for the shuttle.
9:00- Attend class til 12:10
12:10- Sprint over to the Union to fight for a table to eat lunch with my friend Patrick.
1:00- Attend a Spanish 103 Lecture so I know what the class is doing so I can make my lessons for SI Review sessions.
2:00- Hold a Spanish 103 SI review Session (Basically a review of all that Spanish 103 is learning that week.
3:00- Tutor Spanish 203
4:00- Tutor Spanish 103
5:00- Tutor Spanish 308
6:00- Catch the bus to head home
6:30- Work out, eat dinner, homework.

Then repeat all week. It looks overwhelming when I see it on paper but somehow I survive and find time for other fun things.

I work for the PASS center where I tutor spanish students and am the SI Review Leader for Spanish 103. It's a really fun job and I get to talk to a lot of different people. It's rather time consuming since I have to attend the lectures, plan my lessons and hold my review and tutor sessions.

Kenilworth had a Pumpkin carving event for halloween. It was was fun and interesting to see how many students had not carvved a pumpkin before! Eric and I decided to spice up the event and dress up to carve pumpkins :)

My Pumpkin I carved
Eric and I dressed up
MY CA and her art.
Last weekend for Halloween I had to go home since my car was going to die. It was a long, boring and painful 7 hour drive but being home for that weekend was worth it. I was able to spend time with my parents, boyfriend and many other friends who I won't see again until Thanksgiving. I got a new car while at home which was really exciting. They have deals where if you are a recent college grad or a grad student you get instant cash off which luckily I was both. Halloween was fun, I dressed up as a peacock and went to a costume party. I love just looking at all the people on the streets in their silly outfits
My new car and a couple Halloween picks... some of us learned parties aren't the best place for wide costumes :)

This weekend I am having some friends from home visit so I will have an update next week about some of the fun places we went to in Milwaukee.

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