Friday, June 1, 2012

Wanna go for Fro-Yo?

With New Student Orientation starting on Monday, we figured we should do a quick feature on one of our new favorite spots in Milwaukee! Treat yourself to some wonderfully delicious frozen yogurt after a long and exciting day of orientation. The Yo Factory just off of North and Farewell right across the street from Kenilworth is a great place to stop after you finish up exploring South Campus and touring Cambridge Commons and RiverView on your way out of town! Its conveniently located on the 30 bus route and most importantly the shuttle route! 

Why is the Yo Factory so great? Its because it satisfies all your sweet tooth cravings while also being pretty good for you! Don't believe me, venture in there and they have a list on their wall on why its so good for you! Just as long as you don't get too crazy at the topping bar! Don't fear all those out there who are lactose intolerant there are some dairy free options as well!  They also have smoothies, coffee, snacks, and more! 

 "At Yo Factory we encourage you to be creative, your taste buds will thank you."  

The Yo Factory really is designed to allow you as the guest to create your own experience. The frozen yogurt is serve yourself, so when you walk in take a look at all their flavors as they change on a regular basis. Take one of their sampler cups and don't be afraid to try some flavors before you pick. From there grab your desired size bowl, get ready because this is where you can get creative. Mix and match whatever flavors you want with however much you want.  Next move to the topping station they have it all if you want to go for a more healthy option dive into the fruits, or if you have a real sweet tooth like me go for the candy toppings or how about some cookie dough balls or cheese cake chunks? From there step up to the register and show off your fun creation!

I know you're waiting for much is this going to cost me? Its really up to how much you get but their price is cheap, 45 cents an ounce!  Its a great place to go on an adventure to with your friends or family they have convenient hours so if you need dessert after lunch, a study break, or a late night snack its there for you!  So when your family asks where to go after orientation tell them to tour the residence halls and than be sure to head down to the yo factory!

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