Monday, July 2, 2012


My room pre-Kayla
Does this picture look familiar?  That's because it's on our website on the Cambridge Commons page.  That was my room two years ago.  If you go through our blog archive, you can watch a video, see pictures, and witness my experience moving into the res halls.  But, there is something that I never mentioned to you all two years ago... my roommate.

It was June 2010 and I was eager to get my room assignment.  I checked myHousing again and again until it finally popped up:  CC341A!  At first, I was originally assigned to live with a girl named Mariah.  I did what every first-year student does and instantly Facebooked her.  Mariah and I chatted it up a bit, and it seemed like everything was great.  Then, I checked back on myHousing and she wasn't listed as my roommate!

My suitemates' and my first set of door decs

I immediately went to University Housing's Facebook page and requested an explanation.  I was told that my roommate probably cancelled her contract for one reason or another and that I should be expecting a new roommate before summer ended...  WHAT?!?  Mariah and I seemed to be the perfect match!  Housing was telling me that I just had to wait it out and hope for the best?!?  Ugh!  So, I did just that.   I waited for about a month, until a new name popped up:  Kayla.

Once again, I Facebooked my new roommate.  I wasn't nearly as pleased.  It looked like Kayla and I were nothing alike.  She had a ton of tattoos and piercings, and her posts seemed a little odd to me.  Kayla and I were definitely polar opposites.  But, I figured there was nothing I could do, except wait to see what would come of it.  

Kayla and I chatted a few times and I became a bit more confident about the situation.  Especially, because she said she was bringing a bigger TV than mine!  At that point, I was thinking this maybe could work.  I moved into Cambridge about two weeks prior to Kayla, as I was hired to work security. Then move-in day came, and I met Kayla.

Kayla's side of the room
Kayla and I immediately hit it off.  Our room in and of itself was pretty humorous... My side of the room was very bright and colorful.  Kayla's had a lot of black and zebra print.  It just didn't seem to match.  But, we found that in our differences, we were so much alike and had alot to learn from each other.  I haven't lived with Kayla in two years, but I will always remember our late night conversations and shananigans around the res halls.  Kayla moved to Arizona, so I don't get to see her frequently.  I love her and miss her dearly.  If you would have told me at the beginning of the summer, that Kayla would become one of my dearest friends, greatest confidant, and eye-opening peer, I probably wouldn't have believed you.  

In my time in University Housing, I've learned that there is so much more to a person than what we see.  Kayla was the first person to teach me that.  So, to all of you who are concerned about your new roommate, know that something great may happen.  Just give it a chance.

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