Friday, July 13, 2012

It's My Money, And I Want It NOW!

At my highschool, seniors got a week off of school before graduation.  I didn't have much to do that week other than prepare for UWM.  I went on my PAWS account and looked at my financial aid.  Two words stood out to me: Work/Study.  Here's what the UWM's Career Development Center says about Work/Study:
"Eligibility for workstudy is determined by your level of financial need and the funding available. When applying for financial aid you can express your interest in being considered for workstudy funds. Workstudy allows you to earn money to help pay education expenses and is not counted as income on your financial aid eligibility in future years." 
I was so happy that I was eligible.  The next step for me was to find a job.  ...But, where?  I surfed the web and found these options on campus:
Then I got to thinking... Why should I work for the university?

They are flexible! There's a old saying... "In college there are friends, work, and school.  Pick three."  That saying didn't sit well with me.  Although there is alot of truth to that, a job at the university can help you have all three.  Employers at the university know that you are a student first, and also, how easy it is to burn out.  Employers and staff members try to accommodate the needs of their students, so that they can have the best college experience possible.
It's convenient!  You are on campus anyway!  You might as well snag a couple hours in between class.
It pays well!  Sometimes your old high school job just won't cut it.  There are many different positions with many different pay grades.  If you work hard enough and find the right job, paying for college will be a lot easier.
It can help you out with school!  The cool thing about campus jobs is that alot of them are tied back to majors.  Every department offers internships and office positions.  You can even gain experience that will put you a step above the rest when it comes to applying for your first professional job
You meet people!  It's not always about what you know; sometimes it's about who you know.  Knowing where to start on your career path can be difficult.  If you know professionals in your field of study, they can point you in the right direction and give you some inside tips and tricks.

I hope this helps out.  Keep in mind that there are jobs all around campus, you just have to sniff around for them.  Also, an internship may lead to a job.  Be sure to send in your application sooner rather than later!

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