Monday, July 2, 2012

Woah! So many books!

If you have already gone on a campus tour, I'm sure you've heard a lot about Golda Meir Library, but let me give you a little more of an in-depth look...

The library was named after Golda Meir, the 4th Prime Minister of Israel.  Meir attended Milwaukee State Normal School, which was one of the institutions that lead to the birth of UWM.  Golda Meir was known for her advocacy of zionism and contributions to Milwaukee's school system.  Meir taught in public and private schools in Milwaukee. Being one of UWM's most celebrated alum, the institution created one of largest libraries in the country in her honor.  Right off the Learning Commons, you can see a large plaque paying tribute to her work.

The library consists on two wings; the west and east.  In the West Wing, you can find the Daniel M. Soref Learning Commons.  The Learning Commons is home to the circulation desk, computer labs, the Grind, and various semi-private study areas.  At the circulation desk, you can check out books and pick up one that you have reserved online.  The online reservation system is a great way to gather resources for that English 101 paper!  Underneath the Learning Commons, PASS houses many of their supplemental instruction sessions. The East Wing is home to a Writing Center location, PASS location,  and a large study area.  There is so much room in the library.  It's almost 400,000 square feet!  Out of all that space, my favorite study spot is underneath the East Wing in the compact shelving.  It's super quiet there, and not a lot of people know about it.  The East and West Wings are connected underground by a tunnel, as well as bridges on the second and third floors.  It can be a little overwhelming at first, so you may want to consider taking a library tour.  I suggest exploring the library before you have to get that research paper done.

Oh... And I forgot to mention the greatest thing about Golda Meir Library: There are a ton of books!  Within the library, there are many different collections and libraries.  Here's a quick run-down:

  During Fall Welcome, the Library will host many different events to introduce you to all they have to offer.  Make sure to stop by!

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