Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Greek System You Might Not Expect

Spring semester 2013 I rushed, accepted a bid, pledged, and got initiated into the Sigma Chi Rho Fraternity on campus. I have several friends in fraternities throughout the country and even though I never really thought Greek life was for me I decided to go to one of the rush events. It was not what I was expecting. The brothers were all welcoming and engaging, even in the simple setting of a video game night in the Union. And that was just the beginning.

Throughout the semester, Sigma Chi helped me grow as an individual, a team member, and a leader. Fraternities and Sororities here at UWM aren't what you might expect. We don't have the crazy parties, huge houses, and the inevitable drama that stems from what you've probably seen on TV and in the movies. The organizations here focus on the core concepts that are the foundation of Greek chapters, like leadership and volunteering, and give the members endless resources and connections that will undoubtedly help as we all get our careers and futures started.

There are also business Fraternities, such as Beta Alpha Psi that I'm looking forward to getting more involved in this coming year. A lot of majors also have a professional Greek community that offer even more experience, resources, and experience focused on your major. For me, this means accounting. This year I'll get the chance to participate in numerous volunteer events and fun activities with other members of the accounting community.

No matter what level of involvement you're looking for, UWM Greek Life has something to offer you. Keep an eye out for rush events held at the beginning of each semester to give you a glimpse into what it's like being a part of an exclusive group of students that value highly ethical morals and values that can help shape the person you grow into as you go through your college years. There is no obligation for attending rush events, and it's a great way to meet people and have fun even if you don't find the right group for you. I found mine, now it's time for you to go find your own best fit!

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