Thursday, August 8, 2013

E is for Emily and Elephant

Lions and Tigers and Bears…
OH MY!!   
Who doesn’t love a trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo?  I went a couple of weeks ago to see the stingray exhibit.  They actually let you pet and fed the stingrays.  They feel like squishy velvet and the sharks have rough grainy skin.  Here are some photos from my trip with my cousins.  You are never too old to act like a kid again, and the Milwaukee Zoo is a great opportunity.  The stingray exhibit will be here until September 2. 

Even if you don’t get a chance to pet a stingray, you can’t still visit the peacocks and take a camel ride.  The Milwaukee County Zoo is free on November 2 and December 7 this year.  Otherwise you can look on the zoo website for pricing.

This is Emily and the Elephants saying, "Go visit the zoo!!"

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