Thursday, August 1, 2013

Work Study 101

Why would anyone want a job where they have to study while they're still in school and have more than enough to study for already?

I think you're misunderstanding me. A work study is not a type of job, it's a type of payment for a job you have while enrolled in courses. Work study is part of Financial Aid that allows students to work for some of the money they receive from FAFSA, with a few special characteristics. Work study is available at UWM for just about every job offered to students. The process of finding the job, interviewing, the work you do, and most importantly getting paid works the same as getting a job without work study. The difference is the government pays approximately 75 cents of each dollar that work study participants receive, making work study an attractive option for employers. In addition to being attractive to employers, work study is a great option for students, financially speaking. The money earned in a work study does not count towards income earned on financial aid for future years so it won't hurt your financial aid potential.

Whether you choose to participate in a work study or not, there are plenty of option for employment around campus with more popping up all year long and they're all located in one convenient place: the auxiliary jobs website. From the aux site you can apply directly to as many jobs as you wish, get a lot of information about different jobs that are available, and get contact information to follow up the application with a phone call. Working anywhere on campus is a beneficial way to get involved in more than just the courses you're taking while you're at UWM!

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