Monday, August 12, 2013

The Happest 5K on The Planet!

 Happy August New Panthers,

Yesterday, I was able to participate and complete my second Color Run!! This is one of my favorite 5ks since you get drenched in color dust throughout the event and each year it gets better. As you embark on the 5k, you pass through 4 different color zones. Each color zone has a different color of dust being thrown at you and the layers of colorful dust continue to pile up! By the end of the race, you are completely engulfed in color from head to toe. Each participant must wear a white tee shirt and most teams get pretty extravagant with costumes. I have seen everything from tutus to wedding dresses being worn during the run. After you complete the run, they have a giant finish line party which features hundreds of color packets being thrown in the air at the same time. They also have music playing and stations to get rid of some of that color before you depart home! This is always one of the highlights of my summer! In a couple weeks, I will also be running in the Electric Run and there is still time to sign up for it!

See you all in the near future,

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