Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Getting Your Contract In

Future Panthers, please note that the priority deadline to turn in your 2014-2015 University Housing Contract is May 1. This date is four weeks away, so circle it on your calendar and submit your contract on time!

Remember there are six room types available to first year students:
  1. Cambridge Commons Double
  2. Cambridge Commons Double Upgrade
  3. RiverView Double
  4. Traditional Sandburg Single
  5. Traditional Sandburg Double
  6. Traditional Sandburg Triple
You need to indicate your top three room preferences on the online contract so that after the May 1 deadline you can be assigned to your building, suite, and room through a randomized lottery system that will look at which type of room you would prefer. If you do not get your contract in by May 1 you can still apply for University Housing, however, you will be placed in another lottery at the beginning of summer.

Other parts of the contract that are important to take a look at:
  • Living Learning Communities are floors where residents and their Resident Assistant all share a common major or interest so residents can make connections in the classroom and bring that network back to the residence halls. For more information visit the LLC Website.
  • Inclusive Housing offers an inviting, welcoming space for students who self-select and self-identify as gender non-conforming or who have other cultural or identity considerations related to living in the residence halls at UW-Milwaukee and students who identify as allies. University Housing will have some suites where students may request any roommate without regard to gender identity or physical sex. Students interested in Inclusive Housing should contact University Housing or the LGBT Resource Center, or email inclusive-housing@uwm.edu.
  • Roommate Assignment is based off of a personal habit quiz that will assess your living and study habits to ensure a good match between randomized roommates. If you already have a roommate in mind, make sure you put each others' Student ID Numbers in the preferred roommate section of the contract. If you need to share your UWM ID number with your preferred roommate so they can request you, your number can be found at the top of the myHousing page, once you've logged in.
  • Meal Plan fees are separate from University Housing, but can be found on the same contract. Just pick one of three levels so that at the beginning of the semester you try out the food available through Restaurant Operations.
There will also be a $100 pre-payment/deposit required after you submit your contract. If you change your mind about living in University Housing prior to June 1, part of this fee will be refunded to you.

This is a lot of information to process, so if you have any questions feel free to ask!

- Kenlei

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