Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New members of SHAC executive board!

The Student Housing Administrative Council (SHAC) recently held its Executive Board elections, and today the current Executive Board transitions the new one in! SHAC is the Residence Hall Association for UW- Milwaukee. It acts as a great opportunity for students looking to get involved in the decision making of University Housing. If you were in high school government, student council, or are just overall interested in creating events for our residents, this is probably an organization that would interest you come Fall 2014.
Let's get to know the new Executive Board!
  • Emma Price - President
  • Michael Sportiello -  Vice President
  • Graham Wolfe Luterbach - Events Coordinator
  • Cole Meller - Business Manager
  • James Cocroft - National Communications Coordinator

My name is Emma Price and I am transitioning from National Communications Coordinator to President of SHAC! I am a third year architecture student. When I am not involved with school, work or extra-curriculars, I enjoy exploring the city, hanging out with friends, and binge watching Netflix. Over the summer I get to study architecture in various Nordic countries. I am ecstatic to be serving the residents of UW Milwaukee as President for the upcoming 2014-2015 year. I want to help create a safe, inclusive, and fun community for every resident. I am honored to be serving as the chair of SHAC to help give every resident a voice in university housing.

I am SHAC's Vice President Mike Sportiello, and I could not be more excited. As part of the executive board of SHAC, I will have the opportunity to directly impact the experiences for students and residents of UWM. I love being loud, excited, and coming up with innovative ideas to change the way things are done to more directly increase the level of happiness in the world. As part of the executive board, I know that this will become a reality. Currently, I serve on West Tower Community Council. I am a first year student who is majoring in Chemistry and Philosophy, and I conduct antibiotic research in chemistry.

My name is Graham Wolfe Luterbach, and I am the Events Coordinator. I'm a very outgoing person! I love to bike, read, drink espresso, draw, dance, listen to music, and work on my blogs. In the past I've been involved in Theater, ten different sports, a hip hop team, ASL Club, DECA, Student Council, and volunteering at numerous places. I'm six feet tall, I'll dress up wherever I can, I have six tattoos, and I'm a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa. I'm looking forward to working with the rest of executive board to create one of the best years of inclusive and exciting events!

Hiya, I'm Cole Meller. I have a subtly strong jaw line and I enjoy moonlit excursions. I came to UW-Milwaukee this semester to increase my opportunities, and I found SHAC! I am pumped to join the executive board as SHAC Business Manager, because it will give me a chance to see how SHAC works from the numbers' side of things. Outside of SHAC, I plan on honing in on either physiology or biology, and in the long run, study psychiatry.

Hello my name is James Martin Cocroft II and I am the 2014-2015 National Communications Coordinator. Guess who's really excited to spend time hand picking delegates in order to accompany me to Glacurh, Wurha, and Nacurh? I am! Wanna know why? Because I think that UW-Milwaukee has a lot of great people to show off to the other UW schools. I also am really excited to start working with the rest of the 2014-2105 executive board. 

We look forward to the amazing events SHAC will create for our residents! 

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