Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shuttle Times Are Changing!

Good afternoon Panthers!

University Housing shuttles will be changing their hours of operation as they pilot a new program for the remainder of the Spring semester. Effective 1 AM on Monday, April 21, University Housing will no longer provide shuttle service in the overnight hours.

The new daily schedule of service is below:

Sunday: 9 AM - 1 AM (Monday)
Monday: 7 AM - 1 AM (Tuesday)
Tuesday: 7 AM - 1 AM (Wednesday)
Wednesday: 7 AM - 1 AM (Thursday)
Thursday: 7 AM - 3 AM (Friday)
Friday: 7 AM - 3 AM (Saturday)
Saturday: 9 AM - 3 AM (Sunday)

If you find yourself in need of transportation while shuttles are not running I encourage you to utilize one of the following alternative transportation options:

  • Be On the Safe Side (B.O.S.S.): Service from 6pm - 2am seven days a week. http://www4.uwm.edu/boss/ (414) 229-6503
  • Milwaukee County Transit System: Daily service from approximately 5am - 2am. http://www.ridemcts.com/ (414) 344-6711
  • Milwaukee has several taxi services that cater to the UWM area! Two of them are:
We appreciate your support in our effort to improve the structure of service for University Housing Residents. Any questions about the University Housing Shuttle can be directed to housing-shuttles@uwm.edu


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