Thursday, June 20, 2013

Don't pass on PASS

Good Morning!!

                 Feeling over whelmed with class work? Not understanding something your professor is saying? Don’t worry! PASS is there to help!!! PASS or Panther Academic Support Services provide tutoring, supplemental instruction, study groups and academic resources. These services are completely free to UWM students and can save you hours of frustration. PASS sessions are offered throughout campus including the Library, Bolton, Cunningham, Music Building, and all three of the Residence Halls. Pass has various types of options for tutoring depending on the type and frequency of tutoring you would like to have. The best thing about PASS is they come to all three of the resident halls during the week to help residents with classes like English, Math or Science. These sessions are walk-in so residents can come and go as they please and don’t even have to leave their residence hall. If you want a more set tutoring schedule that is once a week with the same tutor you can sign up for an appointment on the PASS website for weekly small group tutoring. These appointments are a reoccurring meeting between you and a tutor for a more regularly scheduled session. PASS also offers supplemental instruction which is a program specifically created for large lecture classes. SI instructors attend classes, take notes, and keep up with the content being taught. They then hold review sessions each week to review the course material.  Finally, PASS offers online review tutoring in various subjects to help students understand harder concepts within their classes from the convenience of their computers. PASS can help students with just about any subject so don't be discouraged to walk in and ask for help! 

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