Thursday, July 25, 2013

But MOOOOOOOOM, I'm sooo bored!!

Long time no see! The housing office has been bumpin' the last couple weeks and I've gotten to speak to a LOT of you as we keep counting down to the start of a great year. As students start moving onto campus, there will be the inevitable barrage of organizations trying to grab your attention and show you all of the amazing opportunities they have to offer. And trust me, there's a lot to offer!

UWM has over 300 student-led organizations that offer opportunity for involvement on any level you desire, opportunities that can directly correlate to your major and give you a leg up when starting your career. Being involved in a student organization is a great way to develop your leadership teamwork skills.  

South End Carnival goer testing
his limits with chubby bunny
The one year I have under my belt at UWM led me to explore a multitude of these organizations from the events I went to (even if it was just for the free food) and the chance to join a couple different organizations. While living in Cambridge Commons I was the Treasurer for the South End Council, one of the many community councils within the Residence Halls, where I gained experience far beyond making budgets. I was able to coordinate many events, such as the South End Carnival to wrap up the year and give everyone a chance to have a little fun with their friends before finals. 

Getting involved may not have been the "cool thing to do" in high-school, but my friends, that's a thing of the past once you reach UWM. Joining any of our organizations is a fun, beneficial way to make your time here worth something a little bigger than yourself. So as this year gets started make sure to explore a few groups, maybe you'll discover a new passion or find your next best friend. At the very least, you'll probably get some free food!

Peace and Blessins'


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