Friday, July 12, 2013

Do Some Research About Undergraduate Research!

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One of the primary reasons I chose UWM, was the exceptional opportunity to be apart of undergraduate research. Throughout my undergraduate years at UWM, I will have the privilege to participate in two full years of undergraduate research. The first undergraduate research I participated in was applied undergraduate research through The Center of Urban Initiatives and Research and Zibler School of Public Health. I worked along side a nonprofit organization on a project called Youth Chef Academy. We went into local, urban Milwaukee public schools and taught students a plant based cooking program. Throughout my year working on this project, I researched the the obesity and malnutrition issues surrounding the youth in Milwaukee and implicated programs to decrease these increasing rates. Upon completion of my research, I was able to present my findings at the WPHA Annual Conference and the Undergraduate Research Symposium. My undergraduate research, allowed me to directly see how research can affect and influence the surrounding Milwaukee area in a positive way!!

The second undergraduate research I am able to participate in will take place my upcoming senior year! I will be working in a neurobiology lab doing genetic research on the genetic mutations of the CABIN1 gene in mice and zebra fish! Working in undergraduate research has allowed me to find a passion for the way molecular biology can intertwine with cutting edge research. There are plenty of opportunities to work with faculty on their research in a variety of departments. If you are interested in undergraduate research or want more specific information, check out The Office of Undergraduate Research. As always if you have any further questions about undergraduate research, please feel free to ask in the comments below!

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