Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Can I Get That To Go?

UWM Mobile home screen
Good afternoon everyone! At this point in the exciting process of coming to a new University I have a suspicion that everyone is being bombarded with new, important information from multiple departments. That's why I'm here to tell you all about the amazing UWM Mobile app you can all download for FREE! the UWM Mobile app is a great way to keep some important information right at your fingertips.

From the home screen, pictured on the right, you can navigate through several different menus that all have a lot of information about different aspects of campus and Residence Hall living.

As a resident in Cambridge last year, two of my favorite functions of the UWM Mobile app were the Laundry function and the Shuttles Function.


This is not your parents' laundry. Once you select Laundry from the home screen you will come to the page on the left. From here, select the laundry center you will be using. Each laundry center has a break down by machine (pictured on right) of which machines are available, which machines are in use, and how long the machines in use have left in their cycle. You can also access this information at laundryalert.com if you do not have the UWM Mobile app. If you choose to access this information online, the password is: uwm8101.


Another of my favorite functions is the shuttle function. Selecting this option from the main menu allows you to access Shuttle Predictions for all of the routes that are currently running as well as a Real Time Map (pictured on left) that uses google maps to pinpoint exactly where the shuttles are on their routes. Especially for those of you in Cambridge Commons and RiverView who will be using shuttles frequently, the shuttle function can be awesome for navigating through your morning routine! I know it helped me last year.

Make sure to check the Calendar frequently during Fall Welcome to take full advantage of all the fun events going on!

I'll see you there!

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