Monday, July 29, 2013

Roaring with the Cows at State Fair

Where can you enjoy a delicious cream puff, try 5 different flavors of milk, pet a cow, AND display your Panther Pride!?  At Wisconsin State Fair of course.  On August 4 UW-Milwaukee will be displaying their Panther Pride through out the day.  There will be prizes to win, a contest you can show off your roar in, and a performance from PECK school of the arts.  Oh, and even Pounce will be there taking photos and signing autographs.  All of these great activities are located at the Fair’s Central Mall, across from the original cream puff pavilion.  There are so many great activities all offered on August 4, so grab your Panther paw prints and head on out to eat a cream puff with Pounce at the State Fair!
Make sure you check out this article on the UWM page for more information on State Fair events and the State Fair page so you know all about UWM events and the rest of excitement at State Fair.

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