Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ride the Magic School Bus

Yes!  You will most likely ride a large, yellow, school bus to get to classes.  In addition to school buses, there are also shuttle, which look like over-sized vans.  Many students are worried if they live in Cambridge Commons or RiverView, they won't be able to get to class on time with the shuttle.  I can speak from two years of experience.  I lived in RiverView, and the shuttles were very reliable.  They arrive about  every 5-7 minutes and the ride to campus is about 8-10 minutes.  Also despite what you hear, Cambridge Commons and RiverView are closer than you think; the two resident halls are only about a mile a way from campus.  In addition only residents are able to ride the shuttles, so no worry about not finding a spot to sit.  The last thing I would like to mention is that there are different shuttle route.  You can visit the shuttle website to learn more about shuttle route and times.  After 6 PM the shuttles switch from two direct routes from campus to resident halls to routes that offer stops in between campus and the resident halls.  This offers students the option to visit a friend off campus or grab a bite to eat at noodle.  Students can also keep track of shuttle arrival times through the UWM mobile app!

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