Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Campus Resources

Throughout the semester, we are going to go over a lot of resources on campus.  On your PAWs account, you may have noticed  Student Segregated Fees on your statement.  Student Segregated Fees are assessed to all students and pays for all the services you can utilize on campus.  There are many different services, but here are a few I utilize often...

Location:   Between Klotsche and Enderis

Norris Health Center offers free/low cost healthcare to students.  It's the perfect place to go for your run-of-the-mill ailments.  Norris also offers a pharmacy that sells prescription and over-the-counter medications at cost.  You can also get various testing and counselling at Norris.  

Location:  By Union Station on the Street Level in the Union

The Women's Resource Center "enhances awareness and understanding at UWM of the diversity of women's lives and experiences, and the role gender plays in everyone's life."  The WRC sponsors many events throughout the year, one of which is their presentation of The Vagina Monologues.    The WRC also offers employment and internship opportunities, information and referrals, and student support and advocacy.  

Note:  No, the WRC isn't just for women!  Men are welcome to visit the WRC at anytime.  If you've ever interacted with a woman, you are eligable to use this resource!

Location:   By Union Station on the Street Level in the Union

The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Resource Center offers education, support, and networking for all students.  One of the LGBT Resource Center's most notable initiative on campus is the Safe Space Program.  In the program, students and faculty learn more about the LGBT community and ally development.  The program is focus on creating a safe and comfortable experience for everybody on campus.  An ally is someone who supports, is aware, and advocates for the LGBT community.  The LGBT Resource Center also offers many educational and social events, such as the Annual UWM Drag Show.  

Note:  You don't have to identify as any specific sexuality or gender to visit the LGBT center.  The LGBT Resource Center is all about diversity and creating a safe space!

We will spotlight more campus resources in weeks to come.  :) 

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