Thursday, June 7, 2012

Safety and Security on Campus

There are a few questions I always get at Orientations, Preview Days, and Open House.  Parents and students always want to know, “Is it safe?”  The answer is YES!  UWM’s campus, both north and south, is one of the safest areas in the city of Milwaukee.  However, we are an urban institution.  In University Housing, one of top priorities is the safety and security of our residents.  Not to mention, we want our parents and families to have peace of mind knowing that their student is in good hands.

University Housing employs between 300 and 400 students each year.  A large chunck of those students work on the service desk and security staffs.  The service desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  These students are here to answer questions and address concerns at any time of day.  The also sell stamps and internet and coaxial cords.   They also answer the phones at each building and notify security of any problems.  Their job description doesn’t end there.  They sort and distribute your mail, coordinate your building’s lost and found, and check out recreational equipment, like basketballs and board games.

The security staff is also working 24 hours 365 days per year.  At the entrance of each building is a monitor.  This person swipes residents’ student IDs and verifies that the student is a resident of University Housing.  The monitor doesn’t let anyone in the building without proper identification.

The monitor also makes guest passes.  Whenever a resident wants to bring a guest into University Housing, they are required to register the guest online.  Click here for more information on University Housing’s guest policies.

Another security position in University Housing is the rover.  The rover is stationed at the service desk and is ready to respond to any situation. They also walk around the building, respond to policy violations, and assist during emergencies. In addition, there is an RA or two on duty every night. All security staff is trained in CPR and first aid. If the situation is beyond the scope of our security or RA staff, a professional staff member is always on duty.  The professional staff member also responds to more serious situations. 

University Housing works very closely with the UWM Police Department.  UWMPD’s station is located at the base of West Tower.  UWMPD is also stationed at either Cambridge Commons or RiverView Residence Hall and Kenilworth Square Apartments every night.  

The University as a whole is also dedicated to the safety and security of their students.   UWM Safe Walkers can be called and will walk you to your destination.  B.O.S.S.  (Be On the Safe Side) is a free taxi service that will drive students anywhere within a two mile radius of campus.  

With all these services you can be sure that UWM and University Housing is a safe place for students.

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