Friday, June 1, 2012

Res Hall Recap: Apartment-Style Housing

Apartment-Style Housing


Kenilworth Square Apartments are located in Milwaukee’s eastside a couple blocks away from Cambridge Commons. It is a really great location for restaurants, coffee shops, shopping and most importantly the yo-factory (see Zachery’s post). Kenilworth is reserved for upper class, graduate, and non-traditional students, as well as visiting faculty. It was opened in 2006 after being remodeled from a Ford Model T plant. 

The first floor of Kenilworth contains reception, security, mailboxes, and the parking garage. The other parts of the first floor are rented out retail space that includes Toppers (a pizza place), a 24 hour gym, Urban Outfitters, and a salon. 

Every apartment in Kenilworth is different. There are one, two, or three bedrooms. Unlike all of the other Residence Halls, the apartments can be co-ed. Kenilworth living is much more independent than our traditional residence halls. Kenilworth, like Purin, is a very natural place to transition from living in the Residence Halls to living in an apartment or a house. 


Purin borders campus on the far East side and is designed for sophomores and up. It was converted from an apartment building and only holds 51 residents.  It is considered to be a very quiet and independent living environment. Purin would be a great place to live before transitioning into living in an apartment or house. I had never really heard about Purin when I was looking into housing, but I got a tour this past week and it was pretty fantastic. I wish that I had found out about University Housing’s best kept secret for returning residents.

All of the rooms are suite style, but every suite is set up differently but each one holds three people. The kitchen is large with a lot of storage space. It is big enough to fit a kitchen table (which comes with the suite). The bathrooms are some of the nicest that I have seen in any Milwaukee residence. Like the kitchen, the bathrooms and the bedrooms have a lot of storage. Some suites have walk-in closets or large built in shelving units. 

There is a large study lounge with internet access on the third floor along with a recreation room and lounge. In the rec room is a ping pong table and a television.  Also on the third floor is a community kitchen. On the top floor is another cozy lounge that is perfect for hanging out with friends. Located on the ground floor is a laundry room, parking garage, and bike rack exclusive for Purin residents.

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  1. Location and amenities are two of the most crucial factors when searching for apartments. Kennilworth and Purin seems like homes with exactly these great treats.