Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Food, Friends and Milwaukee

Lately my life has consisted mostly of studying and homework and reading. Nothing too thrilling to write about. This past weekend a good friend from home came to visit and we explored Milwaukee. It was a great change of pace from studying for those dreadful midterms!

There was a lot of food eating during his visit. The first night we drove a friend to a bus stop to catch the bus to MN and we got stuck in traffic. The police had blocked off the route that Joe Biden was going to be driving so we just had to sit there but hey, we did see Biden's motorcade :)

We went to Joey Buona's Restaurant downtown which had such good pasta and pizza. I would highly recommend it. We wandered a little bit downtown and due to the motorcade traffic again we ended up going on an adventure to try and avoid it and happened upon a beautiful site of Milwaukee!

I love this picture. The clock in the distance is the world's largest four face clock and is almost double the size of Big Ben. I think it is pretty sweet.

Saturday we went to the Milwaukee Public Museum. We went through the Streets of Old Milwaukee, saw tons of dead bugs, many skeletons, the typical museum things. I really liked the butterfly garden though. It was cute to see all the kids trying to catch them and they are beautiful creatures.

We walked through East Side where Kenilworth is and I enjoyed taking many photos. I love living close to lake Michigan. We ate at a very good Mexican place on Brady Street, Cempazuchi. I had such a delicious burrito, way better than Chipotle or Qdoba!
We found a cute little bakery and got doughnuts from there for Sunday breakfast. Sunday we were looking through brochures we had gotten from the museum and it said the Second Best Chinese Restaurant in the country was in Waukesha so we decided we'd venture out and try it. It was HIGHLY disappointing. It was nowhere near the best Chinese I've ever had so the search will continue for better chinese food that what I've had so far here.

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